Raw Combat’s Response To The Zodiac Killer


In this series, we take a look at both real-world and hypothetical/film/tv self-defense scenarios.  Luke Holloway (links below) offers his advice regarding “The Lakeside Scene.” 

Original Article: Never Getting Tied Up | Movie Look | The Zodiac

….”The visibility with the mask, whatever he had covering his face gave him a sense of empowerment and confidence, I believe, because it gives the victim an inability to ID the offender. …The guy actually said, ‘I’ve killed before’ & ‘I’ll kill again’ (blah, blah, blah) and he gave them some information, and I think that was kind of intentional.” … (hear more in Luke’s video above).

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One Response to “Raw Combat’s Response To The Zodiac Killer”

  1. Haven’t seen the movie “The Zodiac Killer.” But, looking at The Lakeside Scene it’s very obvious the couple wasn’t prepare to defend themselves, and didn’t had a chance against the criminal as he about 20+ ft. away. If the man did attempt, try to take the gun.

    If you really think about it the couple basically done everything right hoping they would come out of the situation alive. The only thing I would say the man done wrong was the fact he’d gave up too much information too quickly without allowing the criminal to work for it.

    Now, lets look at this scene from a martial art point of view.

    Some martial artist would make the mistake rushing the criminal tried to take the gun. The reason I’d said it would be a mistake because you’re on a sandy surface. So, your feet more slippery. And, the criminal standing a on slight hill would take alittle more effect then usual to attempt getting to him. Any sudden moves would definitely get you shot and killed.

    The woman whom took the rope. Well, if she’d had any martial art experience she would had a better chance of disarming the criminal, depending on how well the killer is prepare for any defensive moves from her.

    And, if you pay very close attention as the woman tied up her date, or husband the rope were loose given him a chance for a defensive tactic. But, he lost that opportunity when the criminal were tying up his date, or wife. He could of unknownly untied himself, then quickly attack the killer. But, he’d made the false assumption that the criminal wasn’t going to double check and secure the rope, and just leave them both their as he took off with their possessions.

    Well, from a professional point of view there are things a victim[s] can do to turn the situation around, to save their own lives.

    One can distract the criminal in a verbal conversation to cause him to move closer, given him the false impression you’re not a threat.

    Or, Second, attempt to run (in a zig zag motion) to a more safe and secure place to escape. Or, attempt to trap / attack him. As you can find stones, rocks, broken tree limp, or whatsoever you come across to use as a weapon.

    Yes, there a chance of getting shot. But, at least you have a better chance of coming out of a deadly situation alive then just standing there.

    I tell my students all the time it’s better not to let a criminal tie, or cuff you. It’s always wise to fight back in that way you have a greater chance of survival. And, don’t depend on one specific technique. But, allow yourself to move freely because in all reality most criminals not going stand there and let you take his gun, or knife from him, especially if he’s a professional.

    Shalom 🙂

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