Ambushes & Thugs with Rory Miller

One Saturday in June I attended a seminar entitled “Ambushes and Thugs”, conducted in London, Ontario, Canada by none other than Rory Miller.

If you don’t know who Rory is, he is the guy who wrote a book called “Meditations on Violence”; which along with Gavin De Becker’s “The Gift of Fear” is canon in the self-defense and combatives world.

My goal in attending the seminar was to learn and grow, and perhaps be challenged in my perception of how violence commonly occurs.

Upon first meeting Rory, I immediately liked him. It may have been his easy, surfer-esque manner that endeared him to me rather quickly.

Throughout the day we worked through several drills that help to minimize our natural “freeze” reaction that occurs during violent attacks. This freeze is mandated by our hindbrain, which was formed back a LONG time ago. The hindbrain tells us that the predator’s/enemies’ vision is cued on movement, and so to stay still means that the predator can’t see you. This is a piece of biological hard-wiring that we have to work to circumvent if we are to effectively protect ourselves in the heat of an attack.

Throughout the day Rory offered us a few lectures, which he dubbed “long-ass talks”. It was here that I gleaned the most.

We learned some key distinctions between social and asocial violence, as well as the knowledge that the de-escalatory tactics you’d use for one actually fuel the other.  It pays to know what you’re dealing with.

I left very challenged…the people that will be victims of asocial violence – disabled people, young women, senior citizens, etc. are the ones who NEED this kind of training the MOST, but are also strangely the least likely to take it (in my opinion).

So the question is –

HOW do I bring this life-saving knowledge to them?

SO….let the discussion begin. How?

All ideas are welcome.

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