Fencing 101: Classical Salute & En Garde [video]

In this age of modern fencing, we have fewer and fewer students adopting the classical form of First Position, Salute and En Garde.  These 3 actions help to give the fencer a connection to the history and style of fencing, an exercise in proper form/body posturing, and to give proper acknowledgement and respect to the opponent (audience & director, if present).  The latter, is an essential show of respect that is sorely missed when a fencer automatically drops to the “Ready/En Garde” position.

In this short video clip, we see Maestro Giorgio Santelli with his student Robert Nielson (student and 1950 Collegiate Foils Champion).

*video provided by John Santelli to schlager7 (D’Artagnon’s Retreat)

Michael Joyce - Fencing PhotoCoach Michael Joyce teaches classical foil fencing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Mr. Joyce got his training at both the St. Louis University (1998, 1999) and University of NC-Greensboro (1999-2002) Fencing Clubs.  He has been teaching (fencing) professionally since 2005 – Our Fencing Page – WSfencing.info

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