Sifu Lee on Shaolin Monks & Self-Expression

Shaolin monks all have the same Kung Fu, there is no room for individual self-expression, no room for creativity. Yes they are talented & appreciate the spiritual. But they do not invent, they practice the same old ways. Bruce was like a Shaolin monk, but he found his own way. He was creatively self-expressive, very different, unique. There will never be another Bruce, but there will be thousands of Shaolin monks, Shaolin monks are mass produced. They can be easily replaced, Bruce can never be replaced.


Shaolin monks practice & perform the same jumping kicks, the same iron throat, the same iron head, the same iron shirt. They do not create new ways of Kung Fu. No verbal Kung Fu like 2pac or Jin. No intellectual Kung Fu like an accomplished attorney. No Kung Fu in the Art of making Love. The Shaolin temple may be a good place to start your Kung Fu journey, but if they do not eventually help you become creatively self-expressive then you must leave the temple in which to discover your own unique way.


The monks of Shaolin Kung Fu are not at the highest level. Yes many of them are at a high level, but they are not at the highest level. Physically I see those whom practice acrobatics in China are at a higher level. Spiritually they are not at the highest level b/c they have yet to be creatively self-expressive.

-Freddie Lee

“Thoughts via FMK Facebook”


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