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The Path of Violence

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I explained in my previous article (here) that we should acknowledge the need for violence when it comes to self protection and the protection of those you love and/or need to protect [especially when the aggressor’s intent to harm is evident].

Both your training and your personal attitude/thoughts on violent intent should be put under the microscope, because just as greatly as we wish to be effective and ruthless enough to survive, there is (or should be) just as much (or more) of a need to be peaceful and approach conflict by way of peaceful means.

While many may not think to heavily on our mental development on violent intent [as we often focus on the physical preparations]… effective training can have an adverse effect on the body.  What we do with our bodies on a continuous basis affects the body entirely – this could be as small as increased anxiety to larger issues such as: mood swings and paranoia.

It is no mystery why many people take up the internal arts or adopt the principles of Taoism or Buddhism.  I’m not saying that everyone should take up Qigong and sit for long hours under the shade of an elm tree – but it’s my opinion that we should understand that balance must be met!  Neglecting this can only be harmful to our true nature as human beings.

Michael Joyce

What are your thoughts my friends?  The lines are open.

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