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Harvard, Not Tufts. Most Dangerous Campus

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I few weeks ago, an article stuck my attention entitled “Most Dangerous College Campuses.”  The source of the information came from The Daily Beast and was based on the most recent 3 calendar years.  As a self-defense instructor, this Top 20 countdown was more than just intriguing.  However, as I turned a more detailed eye towards the numbers, something didn’t appear right.

When I did my own math, I found that it’s not Tufts University in Boston, but rather, the prestigious Harvard University in Cambridge that’s the most dangerous school in the nation.

I’ve always heard the phrase, “You can bend the statistics any way you want”… but in this case, it’s how you measure them.  Something wasn’t right, but even me (not the best math student) saw a discrepancy.  See for yourself.


If this data jumped out at me, then why didn’t they jump out to anyone else?  Perhaps, (and this is just an opinion) they didn’t want to tarnish the oldest institution of higher education in the country as being the number 1 most violent?  They didn’t even place it in the runner-up slot (University of Maryland, Baltimore), but instead, placed it third (originally).

A Special Note: When I went to The Daily Beast (to fact check/double check) I found that Harvard was either #2 (all along) or moved from third place to second place.  However, when I first compiled the data, from the order listing via RR.Com’s “News” it listed them in this order: #1-Tufts, #2- U of Maryland, #3- Harvard, #4- Rutgers, #5-U of Hartford.  Either way, shuffling aside, one can easily look at the above statistics and see that Harvard University has the most crime (even given the difference in enrollment).

For all those that are curious (I’ve corrected the first two):  #1) Harvard #2) Tufts (The rest, via The Daily Beast) #3) Rutgers #4) U of Hartford #5) U of Baltimore #6) Howard U #7) North Carolina Central #8) Norfolk State U #9) Morgan State U #10) New Jersey Institute of Tech #11) Illinois Institute of Tech #12) Washington U #13) M.I.T #14) Johnson & Wales U #15) Temple U #16) U of Pennsylvania #17) Brown U #18) Columbia U #19) Standford U #20) U of the Pacific

When picking schools, read the statistics.  If you’re in the media/news/broadcasting field make sure you do your own fact-checking and take responsibilities for your mistakes.

And to everyone, keep your eyes open and your brain… thinking.  Always thinking.

Peace, Unity, Co-Existence & Love.

Michael Joyce

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