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10 Questions with Oleg Spector

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The Combative Corner is pleased to present Systema Spetsnaz teacher, Oleg Spector.  (Be sure to watch his video at the bottom of this article).  We first became aware of Oleg through his YouTube channel SystemaSpetsnaz.  “Oleg”, as he prefers to be called (a man against titles) has been teaching professionally for 23 years (as of 2011) and works out of NorthHollywood, California.  For more information on Oleg and this system of martial art, please visit Oleg’s homepage by clicking his image above.

When did you first begin to study the martial arts and what drew you to that particular discipline?

When my parents moved from Ukraine, Odessa to the United States in 1979 – I was thirteen years old. The first time when I saw martial arts films on TV – I decided to study the Arts.

Wing Chung Kung Fu –(2 years),  Shotokan Karate ——–(14 years),  Daito-Ryu Jujutsu——-(6 years),  Tae-Kwon-Do————-(4 years),  Systema SpetsNaz——-(5 years)

If your path in Life had never included the martial arts, what do you think you’d be doing today?

My path in Life included various work – from animal technician, air-conditioning technician, optician – but Martial  Arts were always part of my life and will remain so.

As a teacher, what would be the one principle/theory/or idea that hope your students grow to understand? 

As a teacher I wish for my students to cultivate balance and peace in life.

In your opinion, what sets SpetsNaz apart from other styles?

Systema SpetsNaz teaches the student to develop individual or personal style of combat based on principles – verses learning a specific style of Martial Art created by someone else.

As in many martial arts, (as a general rule) depth of study comes closest from the source.  To a student that becomes devoted to learning Systema SpetsNaz, would you recommend them study in Russia? (if so, why?)

It is up to individual if they wish to train in Russia – any new experience transforms into knowledge.

Working in security and bodyguard profession for 10 years (as you have) requires a great deal of awareness.  How does one go about training awareness?

Mental awareness is a state of mind – developed through various exercises and meditation.

I haven’t seen many mixed martial artists who enter sport competitions under the discipline of SpetsNaz.  What are your thoughts on the popular sport of MMA/Cagefighting and do you encourage this sort of training/conditioning to your students?

Systema SpetsNaz “Russian Style” Combat – is not a sport – it is a system of “Reality Based Self-Defense. MMA fighters train specifically for the cage and against one opponent. On the street could be several attackers, whose intent is not to win a title – but to take your life.

Since you began teaching in Los Angeles in 1987, how has your teaching changed?  And/Or have you seen more change in your students?

Change takes place in every one’s Life every moment of their existence – every day brings something new and challenging – by keeping an open mind, allows me to grow and learn, passing the knowledge to my students.

How frequently do you train (outside of teaching) and how strongly do you emphasize “mental training”?  (Do you train physical techniques separately from “meditative ones”?)

I train every day – body is an extension of the mind.

Lastly, what are your future plans regarding your work?  What will Mr. Oleg Spector be doing a decade from now?

My future plans is to live each day to the fullest – making this world a better place.

Respectfully, Oleg Spector

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