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Controlling Your Attacker [Video]

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In the Outfoxxed Program we have a technique that literally, “Keeps our attacker at arm’s length” – which is okay, as long as we have him under control.

If you haven’t seen, read or heard,… my wife Jennifer and I created a YouTube channel especially for the ladies out there in order to give them some strong tools, methods, and motivation.  Learning self-defense is important, especially for those most victimized [women].  If you like our channel, message and/or videos, please share.

Outfoxxed Program with Michael & Jennifer Joyce

Michael Joyce : CombativeCorner Founder


10 Questions with Michael Joyce

Never Get Tied Up : Self-Defense Survival (special guests: Roy Elghanayan & Dr. Ruthless)

Ten Titles For Women Learning Self-Defense

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Throughout film and television history, there has been much in the way of “Violence as entertainment.”  Many action and horror movies actually add “computer generated imagery (CGI)” because they feel there isn’t enough blood in their picture already.

From the 1970’s to the present, the (often-considered) “taboo” element of violence against women is introduced to the viewing public through the medium of film and television. While some of these titles (listed below) may glorify violence, or even promote revenge, there is (in many self-defense professional’s opinions) merit in viewing these frightening scenes.  If you choose to view any of the titles below, we ask that you view them constructively.

Consider what the character may have done inadequately, ineffectively or not-at-all and (if the scene warrants) what they did effectively.  Ask yourself what you would have done in the same or similar situation.  We know that “Situation dictates response,” but there is benefit in knowing the “face” of violence, the ploys of the assailant, the options available and in exploring (at least in a small way) the fears and emotions associated with the victim.


*Each Title is linked to their IMDB page. 

*A ^ denotes a Combative Corner article has been written on it.


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