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Embracing “Comfortable Uncomfortability”

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We are all guilty of is this:

Residing within our comfort zones. 

The problem is not that comfort zones exist, but that these zones are where we migrate to, and often, make the conscious choice to stay.  I’m guilty of this at times and I feel that this is one of the biggest roadblocks, not only in the martial arts world, but the world in whole.

I first started to ponder this question seriously was when I was in college.  I had purchased Anthony Robbin’s Personal Power cd series and was surprised to find out why I would have trouble becoming a millionaire (when I joined “The real world.”)

Not only did I (negatively) associate “being rich” with being stereotyped and constantly hounded for “hand-outs” but I felt that people would think that I came about my wealth dishonestly.  I personally felt (and sometimes still do) that people of monetary means must step on and swindle from others to get the “leg up.”  Goal-setting, neuro-association, and motivation aside…

a huge component to success (in anything), comes down to being comfortable stepping outside our comfortability.

In business, this may making “cold calls,” speaking in front of crowds doing or client follow-ups.  In your work-outs, it may take the form of “that class that you heard will kick your ass.”  In your personal life, it might be telling someone that you love them.  Whatever it is, we need to recognize that embracing “the different,” the often “uncomfortable” option can create tremendous psychological growth.

An abundance of psychological growth can lead to only this: greater personal power and freedom.

Our limitations (for the most part) are mental limitations, emotional limitations causing inflexibility in life and our relationships.

Exercising and building on this skill, like anything else, will get easier with practice.  Let’s start today.  Do that “one last rep” that your body felt it couldn’t do.  Say yes, to a task/challenge that you’ve been wanting to meet.  If it’s a large task, create a step-by-step process that will outline your path to success.  I’m ready… I hope you are!

Coach Michael Joyce

Golden Thread Workshops / ChenCenter

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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