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Las Vegas Martial Arts Supershow 2010

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Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

After wanting to attend the Martial Arts SuperShow for the last couple of years I finally stopped talking about it, bought the tickets, booked the hotel and got some guest instructors to cover classes while my wife and I were gone. For those of you who don’t know what the Martial Arts SuperShow is, it is the world’s largest martial art educational trade show and is hosted by the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) and its parent company Century Martial Arts Supply.

This year’s Martial Arts SuperShow, which was held July 21 -23rd at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, was actually the 10th year anniversary of the event that has been held every year in Las Vegas since 2001. In celebration of this milestone MAIA decided to make the theme of this year’s SuperShow “Legacy” and posed the question to all those who attended, What will you leave behind?

Matt Hughes

From the incredible seminars to the amazing opening ceremony the MA SuperShow did a great job of helping all the attendants, must of which were fellow school owners and instructors, answer the above question and understand just how important the impact that we leave on our students is.

As part of the Opening Ceremony MAIA invited Aron Ralston, inspiration for the movie 127 Hours, to be keynote speaker and share his remarkable story of survival. They also invited Shannon Lee, daughter of martial arts legend Bruce Lee and and CEO of Bruce Lee Enterprises to accept the Martial Arts Industry Association’s 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award. The first time that the award has been given posthumously.

Ernie Reyes Sr. doing 100 push-ups at 54.5 yrs old.

Benny "The Jet"

As part of the seminar series MAIA enlisted such well known names as Bill Wallace, Stephen K. Hayes and Joe Lewis just to name a few. The seminars covered a wide range of topics to help owners and instructors alike that included: how to increase retail sales, how to teach preschool age children, and how to be a legendary teacher. No matter who you were or what type of style you taught the SuperShow had something for you to take away from it.

I could spend days going over everything that I learned at the SuperShow but honestly I think everyone, whether you’re a school owner, instructor or just an avid martial artist sign up to attend next year’s Martial Arts SuperShow yourselves. Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other there.

 Sensei Brandon Vaughn

website:  Martial Arts Supershow

10 Questions with Tim Larkin [Video]

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[Remembering our ‘Discussion’ post (here) about Gunmen]

Larkin says… “I look at it from a different standpoint.  We use our vision in two ways: focus vision & peripheral vision.  I look at it from a reaction standpoint.  If something’s happening now.. we’ll look mid-level on somebody.  The reason we are doing that is because… like right now I’m look at you.  You and I are engaged; my peripheral is disengaged and a lot of “social” happens in the fascial features and we get caught up in that.  I show my students this all the time, and they don’t think that’s the case.  I’ll watch them as they train and I notice a lot of time they’re “checking in” with each other before they go to their target area and put a strike in.

What I’ll do is I’ll give them all balaclavas and it takes away the face, so you just have the eyes going.  It’s amazing the change in people.  All of a sudden they’re not head-hunting anymore, they’re not social anymore, and it all just becomes available to them.  They’re seeing the targets and their reaction time increases immediately.

So, I guess my answer to you is – I want my peripheral so I can pick up movement as fast as possible.  So the last thing that I want is to engage the guy… but I don’t want to get into the psychological aspect of it… I don’t want to sit there and worry “oh jeez am I challenging him, am I doing this or any of that shit,” I just want my best ability to react to what we’re going on, so I can affect my injury at that point… if that’s what I think is going down.*

The above question was transcribed verbatim from our interview.


[ 00.10 ]  Who are you and what is it that you do?

[ 00:38 ] How is what you different from what you see others teaching?

[ 03:24 ]  What is the biggest obstacle for you in regards to instructing?

(additional question)[ 07:42 ] Regarding media video “Use of Force”

(additional question)[ 11:25 ] Regarding T.M.Artists & Self-Defense

[ 20:52 ]  How do you deal with all the negative criticisms directed at you and TFT?

[ 27:15 ]  Is there a difference between teaching men vs. women?  If so, what should be emphasized for each?

[ 29:54 ]  What are your thoughts on weapon training?  Should everyone that studies martial arts & self-protection (in your opinion) also study weapons?  If so, which ones and for what purpose?

[ 31:28 ]  What is essential in the early stages of learning self-protection?  Is it different if your teaching law enforcement or military?

[ 37:49 ]  How important is physical fitness in self-protection?

[ 40:08 ]  How does Tim Larkin like to spend his free time?

[44:21  ]  Do you make New Year’s goals?  If so, what are your goals for 2011?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

* Tim Larkin’s Website: TFT *  Related Article – Discussion #9 – “Gunmen”

Silva: Kick Felt Round The World : UFC® 126

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Anderson “The Spider” Silva, now with a career record of 28-4-0, appears, only when not completely bored, invincible.  Vitor Belfort (19-9-0), stood a chance (however small) of de-throning Silva last night at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada until, at 3 minutes 25 seconds (of Round 1) a front kick by Anderson was perfectly placed into and up under “The Phenom’s” chin.

The question arose long again, and continues, “Can Silva be stopped?”  Discussions are starting behind the scenes for a Super Match between Silva and George “Rush” St. Pierre.  This shall prove to be the fight of the decade.  Will Silva be able to make it look easy? Again?

The CombativeCorner is eager to hear everyone’s thoughts!

The results of the other fights were as such:


Forest Griffin / Rich Franklin / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Jon Jones / Ryan Bader / 2 / 4:20 (Submission-Choke)

Jake Ellenberger / Carlos Eduardo Rocha / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Miguel Torres / Antonio Banuelos / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Donald Cerrone / Paul Kelly / 2 / 3:48 (Submission-Choke)

Chad Mendes / Michihiro Omigawa / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Demetrious Johnson / Norifumi Yamamoto / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Paul Taylor / Gabe Ruediger / 2 / 1:42 (KO- Kick)

Kyle Kingsbury / Ricardo Romero / 1 / 0:21 (TKO)

Mike Pierce / Kenny Robertson / 2 / 0:29 (TKO)

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