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The Juice and Blending Craze,… I’m In!

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“I am firmly convinced that juicing is the final key to giving you a radiant, energetic life, and truly optimal health.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola


you’re beginning to really enjoy something and then you find out that it’s “bad” for you?

First off, juicing and/or blending your fruits and veggies are not bad for you – but there are some pros and cons.

Let’s take the main reason for juicing and just come out and say it- Most people are not going have the time and appetite to eat the amount of fruits and veggies, the micronutrient-rich foods that our body needs.  When we juice, we can get the burst of nutrients in one (or several) tasty glasses – what my friend Joe Cross calls, “Freebasing Mother Nature.”  You might remember Joe from his movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  Watch as he runs you through some of his reasons for juicing.  |Joe Cross Video|


After I fell in love with juicing, I read a Q&A with Dr. Caldwell Esselsyn Jr.  and when asked about juicing, he said, “Do not juice. You lose all the fiber and its benefits.”  And in regard to what makes vegetable juice tasty- adding fruit; he said, “Drinking fruit juice is like pouring the sugar bowl down your throat. It is fine to eat the whole fruit. Do not drink the juice.”

Instead of relaying on this all-too-strict, until-kale-comes-out-my-ears version of nutrifying (my new word) my body – I’ve decide to pool my research to other leading physicians, scientists and dieticians and see what they had to say.  One of the views I prefer most on the subject of juicing is Dr. Joseph Mercola, a daily juicer himself. |Mercola video|


It’s important to understand what these doctors are saying, and to also put each in their perspective category.  Drinking high amounts of any juice isn’t healthy, and may play havoc with your blood sugar levels – especially if we are talking about fruits.  This, in smaller quantities, can and should be a delicious treat (or desert).  However, the drinks that (although less tasty) give people the most benefit are going to be the juices/blends done with vegetables.  Two-thirds of your juice should be vegetables!  Drinks with this ratio is what will help to keep the weight off, or maintain.  It will also give you the micronutrients that many of our bodies are deficient in.


Poppycock! We all know how much a meal would cost us.  Even fast-food is draining on our finances.  If you take the cheapest meal; and instead of the burger and fries, bought vegetables and fruits to juice or blend – you’d be much better off and for a fraction of the cost.  Yes, it may take more time and that’s what most of us go on and on about… but did you know that you could get a 24 oz. organic Veggie Blend at Whole Foods for only $6?  Just something to consider.


wheatgrass smoothieWHEAT GRASS SMOOTHIE: My absolute favorite drink to make is my “Can’t Beat the Wheat” Smoothie.  How I make it is this: 1 packet of powdered Wheat Grass, 1 frozen banana, 1 handful of blueberries (fresh or frozen), and 1 cup of apple juice (Simply Apple).

Perfect for the individual with the sweet tooth.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of wheat grass, the Hippocrates Health Institute has a nice list: click here.

Sun WarriorTHE SUN WARRIOR: Kale is one of the most beneficial vegetables that we can consume.  Too bitter for most, the easiest way to get the benefits of the amazing plant is to blend it.  The “Sun Warrior” is by far my favorite, balanced (low sugar) health drink.  This is how I make it: 1 Mango, 1 Bannana (frozen), 4 Leaves of Kale, 1 ts of Spirulina, 1 ts Vanilla Extract, 2/3 Water.

*Sometimes I’ll add a handful of Spinach to the mix, for a bit more “balance” and added nutrition.

If you like… I’m listing more of my delicious recipes here: click here.


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* This article was originally published on Coach Michael Joyce’s website YourTherapy.Info, re-published here to share with the CombativeCorner family.  Remember, when it comes to any health and diet information, use your own judgement and consult your physician, dietician or other health professional.

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