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Kubotan Sale – Only the next 72 Hours!

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shark 72hour saleDear Readers,

It is very seldom that we promote product or make any sort of endorsement.  However, as the designer of the Isurus Keychain (and CombativeCorner founder) I wanted to let you,  my extended martial family, know about this 72 Hour Sale that I started on my online store.

Starting today, June 10th and going till Thursday,… I’ll be selling these babies at a steal [as they normally sell for $12]

You won’t get ripped off in shipping either.  Shipping within the U.S. is only $2  (additional fee for international)

Keep you and your family safe this summer and get something that’s inexpensive, easy to access, and that will last forever!

Email me at if you have any questions.

*Please limit each purchase to 10 per individual.  If you are a group and would like more, please contact me beforehand.

Thank you.

Coach Michael Joyce


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The Combative Corner hopes each and every one of you have a terrific holiday season.  We also know that (for some) gift-giving can be quite the task.  We’d like to offer 4 suggestions, 3 of which are products from our Combative Corner family!


Known by many as a kubotan, the Isurus™ is a uniquely designed defense tool, that is lightweight, extremely durable and easily concealable.  Designed specifically to get you out of tight spots by self-protection specialist by CombativeCorner founder, Michael Joyce.  For a closer look, please visit the link provided or simply click on the picture to the left.  [GTSstore]  Recommended by the Hybrid Fighting Method [YouTube]


For the martial artist in the family,… get him or her something great, something practical, something brand new!  Recently released, T.J. Kennedy’s dvd is a sensational blend of defense applications for just about any threat under the sun.  This dvd walks the viewer through the process of not only how to apply applications that could one day save your life, but infuses sound tactical concepts and superb, clear narration.  This dvd is available for anyone wishing to amp up their “street” survival skills and should be on the shelf of anyone serious about their study of self-protection.  Available at the following link [Get Yours Here]


We are privileged to have on our team a man who is both very wise and very giving of his time and experience.  Sifu Freddie Lee operates Freddie’s Modern Kungfu, and his videos can easily be found on Youtube.  In his modestly priced book, Living The Way, Sifu Lee gently guides his reader in much the same way as Lao Tzu would.  This book or others by Sifu Lee would be a perfect gift for the loved one eager to learn what it’s like to live in “The Way.”  [GET YOURS!]


When a good product comes around, especially when the product is so well-made and reasonably priced, it should get its recognition.  If you didn’t catch our “No-Holds-Barred” Review, click HERE.  However, if you want to get the woman in your life something that will empower her to no end… then look no further.  Click the picture or link to the right to get your copy!  [EMPOWERED]



The Birth Of A New Self-Defense Tool

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T.J. Kennedy of the Hybrid Fighting Method™ gives his review of the Isurus™ Keychain [get one here].

It’s only been a year, but positive reviews & testimonials have been pouring in for this keychain.  The fact of the matter is this – Yes! You’ve seen it before (kubotans) – but not quite like this!  Watch the video above to hear what Mr. Kennedy has to say about these highly-effective and confidence-inspiring tools.

The CombativeCorner is never going to become the website directed at pushing products.  We will never sell-out, give ad-space or accept payment for issuing any sort of review or endorsement.  However, we have a lot of talented people here in our CC family and we want to keep our readers informed with some (if not, ALL) of their great work  (for example, HFM Dvd, Sifu Lee’s books, etc.).


Click Here to Download

Please do not forget that you can download a free, basic manual here at The CombativeCorner (or by the following link : here :).  The Isurus™ was created to help people not only feel safe, but stay safe and afford them better leverage when encountering a violent attack.  Practical, lightweight and affordable, the Isurus™ (in my opinion) is a no-brainer (especially for those in college).  Please use the comment field below if you have any questions for us! Thank you & Stay Safe!


*The Isurus Self-Defense Keychain is to be used for Self-Protection Purposes Only.

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