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You Must Be High If You Wanna Wear Heels!

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High heels cause such damage to a person’s body, it is completely nonsensical to wear them for any occasion. Each person has the right to do whatever they want to their own body – but I would like to challenge our view on high heels. Stilettos, Wedges, and Pumps all share one thing in common – they damage your body.

For this reason, I personally do not find them attractive – and in fact – find them quite the opposite.

Heels are only worn for the cosmetic appeal, and because of society’s patriarchal impositions on women and their own assumptions about beauty and sexual selection. They really serve no actual function.

People in all sorts of cultures do ridiculous things to their bodies in order to appear beautiful. They cut chunks of their skin out, file their teeth into fangs, and they elongate their necks to the point where they look more like giraffes.

I have heard martial arts instructors suggest using them in a self-defense context, citing them as useful trauma-causing tools. I question whether or not this is actually the case. Surely almost ANYTHING can be used as a weapon, but by the same token why not carry a banana with you everywhere and stick the pointy end into an attacker?

Let’s look at the 2 kinds of violence a person is likely to face – social and asocial – and examine if high heels really can be useful.


When does someone put on heels? When they are going out on the town, or out for a nice dinner, or out to a special event.

If social violence is to occur, it is going to be very difficult to flee the situation while wearing heels, so the heels will likely come off.
However, if there is social violence occurring, there is usually alcohol involved (after all – where are we wearing heels?… places that serve alcohol). Violence and alcohol share a first cousin, and that cousin is broken glass. You rarely have one without the other in settings where alcohol is served. If you cut your foot open on broken glass, especially in a public area – you risk blood loss and infection – as well as giving yourself a disadvantage toward the end of protecting yourself.

“Yeah, but you can take off your heels and use them to stab attackers in the eyes”, or other such arguments are ludicrous. Even if there is no broken glass or other rough terrain, it would take you an exceptional amount of time to remove your heels and to use them with enough force and accuracy to do any significant damage. You could have a far better effect (and far quicker) with even just an open hand. The time you would take to remove your shoes to use them as a weapon is longer than the time it would take to already be severely injured by your attacker.

They can be used to dig into shins and feet, but your stability would be far too compromised to really be optimally mobile (as you would want to be for the duration of a personal attack).


What if you are attacked asocially? This would be a possibility if you are on a date, walking to your car after a long day at the office, waiting for a taxi to go to your best friend’s birthday….or a million other possible scenarios. Typically you are alone.

In an asocial setting, you very rarely see the violence coming. The attack is likely an ambush. Heels will hinder you in many of the ways described above. The difference here is that you have even less time to deploy them as you are already under attack. Again, you could probably do far more damage and better your chances of escape using your bare hands.

Of course, if your shoe was already in your hand for some reason, then you could use it – but the odds against this being the case seem astronomical.


Some people argue that women are not going to let go of wearing these types of shoes, and because of this they craft entire classes and programs around performing self-defense in heels. While I can see their point, this attitude perpetuates an illogical meme, rather than challenge the currently held norm.

I wore high heels once. I volunteered with the White Ribbon Campaign – an organization that works toward the goal of ending violence against women and girls. We conducted a “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” fundraiser, where participants walked a mile in high heels.

A great cause indeed. During the stiletto and pump marathon, women chuckled and guffawed at the men hunkering around like their knee caps were inverted. You could almost hear the collective “Now you know what it I have to go through.”

But did anyone stop to ask, “Why the hell do I wear these stupid things anyway?” They are worn because women think they are pretty, and make them look good. And men perpetuate this idea, to the detriment of women’s health.

What a shame…that a woman would think that she HAS TO go through that torment just to look appealing.

Transgendered men that try to emulate women also put themselves through hell to look like women, and also force themselves into the little hobbling devices.

To train women realistically in heels is a liability. I would imagine that if you jostled a woman around in a manner similar to what she would experience during REAL violence (and not cardio karate playtime with friends), you would have enough broken and sprained ankles on your hands to fill an entire armada of hospital beds.

Violence is difficult enough to navigate without crippling your chances. I mean, why not fight blindfolded, too? After all, blindfolds make you look sexy and classy.


In summation, heels of any sort are horrible for your body, and are not so great for functional use in self-defense contexts.

Flat-bottomed shoes are where it’s at. They can be sexy, stylish, functional, and comfortable with components that actually aid your posture and stability.

We really should be making conscious choices for functionality in fashion.

High heels should be nothing more than a history lesson.

T.J. Kennedy

Hybrid Fighting Method

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Streetfighting 101 DVD has arrived!

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T.J. Kennedy, founder of the Hybrid Fighting Method does it again with the emergence of his second dvd.  One of the most important aspects regarding the physical side of self-protection is in controlling your opponent using the proper mechanics.  T.J. leads you step-by-step and goes through much more in this amazing dvd.

For a view at the kind of material that T.J. presents, please visit his YouTube Channel.

Watch “Combative Controls”

To purchase your own copy, visit this link: HFM SF101 DVD

If you have any questions, T.J. will be happy to answer the question in the comment section below.


The Combative Crew

Oh Canada, Eh? | T.J. Kennedy

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As I prepare to leave for a 2 month stay in the UK and Ireland, I am reminded of all the exports that the martial arts world has Canada to thank for.

Barring yours truly (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more…), there are several highly qualified martial artists that have emerged from what my friend Chris would dub “the frozen wasteland”.

Tony Blauer, Richard Dimitri, George St. Pierre, David Loiseau, Sean Pierson, Bill Underwood, and several other high profile martial artists and combative instructors.

As I am about to travel for a seminar circuit abroad, I thought I would take the time to highlight 5 lesser known martial artists in Canada before I go. These guys are listed in no particular order.


Number one on my list is the one I refer to as “Canada’s best kept secret.” In my opinion, he is one of the most highly skilled combatives experts that Canada has to offer. He may disagree with me, as he is also one of the most humble and gentle guys you could hope to meet. Whenever my students ask me who else they should train with, I mention him without hesitation. His name is Samir Seif. He runs a school in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – but I am pretty sure he is available for seminars, etc. You can check out his website at


Next is Kyoshi Michael Zinck. I met Mike back in the summer of 2012, and we became fast friends. Coming from a hybridization of Japanese and Chinese martial arts, he has an ability to bring relevant combative application to traditional martial approaches.  (And he has a pretty disturbing sense of humor in the most awesome way!) He chuckled when I asked if I could call him “Kyoshi Ball Slap”, because of his penchant for smacking attacker’s in the groin. You can find him in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada at


Third, is my favorite grappling coach and long-time friend, Gord Wood.  Gord and I go back to 2003, when he began as my teacher, and evolved into my good friend and brother.  He is one of the few instructors who cares passionately as much about his students as he does about his own personal evolution in the martial arts.  He also has the ability to offer realistic street applications to all the grappling he teaches.  He is a rare gem, and anyone would be lucky to train with him.  He is in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. You can find him at


Next on my list is owner/operator of Lanna MMA in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (  Kru Mel Belissimo was the referee for my first amateur Muay Thai fight.  He is highly skilled as a martial artist, as well as a coach – his skill in these fields rivaled only by his ability to make you feel special.  I swear, I don’t even train at his gym, and every time we interact he makes me feel like the most important person in the world.  This is another instructor who cares deeply about his students.  Every single time someone in the Toronto area asks me where to go for quality Muay Thai training, I send them to Mel.


Finally, I want to finish off with an odd entry. I say odd because this person and I don’t see eye to eye.  But despite our personal differences of opinion, he is still one of Toronto’s highly skilled instructors and very talented martial artists.  This is Shawn Zirger of the Zirger Academy of Jeet Kune Do. You can find him at

We parted ways a long time ago, but I still hold that students would benefit greatly from training with him.

So there you have it; the short list of people I recommend you train with if you ever find yourself in Canada.

Oh, and if you want to check out a Canadian (me) in the UK and Ireland this Februrary and March, go to and click on “Upcoming Courses”

T.J. Kennedy

Hybrid Fighting Method


5 Things I Hate About You(Tube)

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As a self-defense and combatives instructor, I take my profession very seriously. I NEVER take myself too seriously though.

I work hard at researching the most logical methods of resolving the various risks and threats that arise in personal conflict and combat. When I see something that makes sense to me, I work at integrating it into my existing framework of combative options. It is a never ending journey.

One thing that always seems to get my goat (disclaimer: I have never actually owned a goat…but I met one once) is when I upload a new video highlighting a combative option or technique, and it gets flooded with ridiculous criticism.

Honest feedback, even if it is of a critical nature – is great. Criticism is how we can help each other get better. But there is a special breed of low-functioning person out there who makes it his mission to de-rail anyone following you on the path to personal protection.
I have identified several characteristics common to this type of individual to help you in your avoidance of them.

Not all of these individuals (we’ll call them “Mogwai”) exhibit all characteristics. However, a combination of any two of these traits is a clear sign that you are dealing with a Mogwai.

  1. Poor spelling and grammar. Usually a clear sign of the uneducated and lazy, in this case also caused by low-light conditions in their mother’s basement, impeding their vision and ability to properly use the keyboard.
  2. Usually male. Women don’t usually jump on the “I’m an insecure retard” train.
  3. Claiming that your “technique” will never work in real life. Usually followed by a comment that they have been in said situation several times before. Common phrases are: “Trust me, I’ve dealt with this many times” or “I know from experience…” I always follow up on these ones going to their profiles to see the correct way to do what I so clearly fucked up – and without fail, they never have a single video posted.
  4. Very insulting. They address you with terms such as: moron, idiot, stupid, gay homo faggot (sometimes all as one word). This is usually a result of them being insecure about themselves and their own training, and without the intellectual capability to logically address your video, they attack you as a person. For example, “You’re a moron if you think that stupid move would work. It would NEVER work…trust me, it’s happened to me several times before so I know from experience!”
  5. Sometimes a recent graduate of a competing system or style’s instructor certification course. A common one is Keysi Fighting Method, and most notably, Krav Maga (many KM practitioners can’t even agree on what Krav Maga really is). Also quite common are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and MMA pundits. See #4 for reference.

So there it is…a non-exhaustive list of traits that will help you identify a Mogwai.

In the field of combatives and self-defense, there are no absolutes (which, paradoxically, is itself an absolute). Most people I know that I would consider actual experts in the field are the most open-minded individuals you could hope to find. They understand that although everything may work, given certain variables; nothing works every time (because the variables always change).

Three people that I have talked with that are open like this are: Luke Holloway (Raw Combat International), Tim Larkin (Target Focus Training), and John Whitman (Krav Maga Alliance). There are many more, but that’s the short list.

Anyway, I hope this article helps you to navigate the murky waters of the interweb. It can help you determine who is worth spending your time on, and who is worth laughing at with your buddies over beer.

T.J. Kennedy

Hybrid Fighting Method


Hybrid Fighting Method DVD Launch, Tonight!

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The Combative Corner’s own, Mr. T.J. Kennedy will be releasing his dvd, the Hybrid Fighting Method : The Unfair Advantage tonight at approximately 9 pm E.S.T.  Click the picture to the left to purchase a copy for yourself.

Currently 40% off MSRP

After a long time coming, the Hybrid Fighting Method DVD is finally here! This DVD is non-stop action-packed with 100 minutes of bone-breaking, skull-crushing, face-mashing….uh….I mean, wonderful self-defense techniques. This DVD is GUARANTEED to rock your world! I promise you that you have NEVER seen anything like it in the realm of instructional DVDs.

Also, as a BONUS and a THANK YOU for purchasing this DVD you will receive a special promotional coupon for 10% off all merchandise at Street Soldier Clothing and $100.00 off a complete High Gear kit. HIGH GEAR™ is a proprietary training suit and only weighs 7.5 lbs. It can be used with any method of scenario-based training (marking-cartridge training, DT, combatives, self-defense, etc.). It is lightweight, provides full mobility and allows role-players to explode into action. HIGH GEAR™ is the most diverse training suit on the market, period.

A retail value of $85.00, this DVD is being offered for only $51.37!

That’s 40% off! To get your copy, click on the following link:


The Birth Of A New Self-Defense Tool

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T.J. Kennedy of the Hybrid Fighting Method™ gives his review of the Isurus™ Keychain [get one here].

It’s only been a year, but positive reviews & testimonials have been pouring in for this keychain.  The fact of the matter is this – Yes! You’ve seen it before (kubotans) – but not quite like this!  Watch the video above to hear what Mr. Kennedy has to say about these highly-effective and confidence-inspiring tools.

The CombativeCorner is never going to become the website directed at pushing products.  We will never sell-out, give ad-space or accept payment for issuing any sort of review or endorsement.  However, we have a lot of talented people here in our CC family and we want to keep our readers informed with some (if not, ALL) of their great work  (for example, HFM Dvd, Sifu Lee’s books, etc.).


Click Here to Download

Please do not forget that you can download a free, basic manual here at The CombativeCorner (or by the following link : here :).  The Isurus™ was created to help people not only feel safe, but stay safe and afford them better leverage when encountering a violent attack.  Practical, lightweight and affordable, the Isurus™ (in my opinion) is a no-brainer (especially for those in college).  Please use the comment field below if you have any questions for us! Thank you & Stay Safe!


*The Isurus Self-Defense Keychain is to be used for Self-Protection Purposes Only.

Sex, God, and Violence

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Self-defense is more than just punching and kicking. In fact, it encompasses much more than physical defense overall. While it is of utmost importance to have a skill set that enables you to physically overcome violence, there are deeper issues that must also be addressed.

Self-defense begins with the self. If the human race is to ever end, or even minimize violence in our species, we have to be able to understand it. Only then can we ever hope to predict and prevent it. How we can do this is by looking at our ancestors (primates) and studying the evolutionary biology and psychology that causes certain violent behaviours. By doing this we can understand the dynamics of social violence, asocial violence, and their causes and deterrents.

A problem exists, however, with the entertaining of Salvationist and/or creationist religion(s) – such as Christianity, Islam, and Mormonism (to name a few). While these Abrahamic religions may not directly advocate the use of violent behaviour in our day-to-day interactions, they do prevent us from understanding ourselves and thus understanding and preventing violence in humans. Now I realize that being a follower of these religions means different things to different people – but I assert that unless you willingly believe in and follow the texts of these religions to the best of your ability, then you are not deserving of the nomenclature thereof.

My familiarity is mainly with Christianity, as I spent over a decade as a committed Christian. I have read the Bible cover to cover at least 3 times, and I know it well. A creationist narrative like this one separates humans from the rest of nature as special beings that were created in the image of their creator. If we did not evolve, but rather were created via intelligent design, then we can never hope to study animal/mammal behaviour to find answers to our deepest questions about ourselves. If we embrace creationist myths, then we can never hope to predict and prevent violence.

Furthermore, Salvationist religions like those mentioned above, deem us as broken, sinful, and hell-bound, until we accept and follow the dogma of said religion. The problem here is that as followers of these religions we suppress our dark thoughts and urges rather than face them head on. It is a “sin” to lust, to envy, etc. and so we push those things far from our mind. When we try to deny their existence, or when we try to avoid them at all costs, they come back to bite us is the proverbial ass.

To illustrate my point, here are some statistics taken from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (United States):

Atheists, who make up about 14% of the United States population, make up just 0.2% of the US prison population.

Christians (of all denominations), on the other hand, who make up about 81% of the United States population, make up 84% of the US prison population.

Now, I know I seem to picking on Christianity specifically here, but I want to be clear that my problem isn’t with Christianity – my problem is with Christianity AND all other creationist/Salvationist ideologies.

The same problem exists in human sexuality. We tend to socially condition ourselves with our own ideas about marriage, monogamy, the nuclear family, etc. – ideas taken largely from religious and/or patriarchal societies. The better thing to do would be to look at our counsins (chimps, bonobos, etc. with whom we share greater than 98% of our DNA) and observe their behaviour to discover what is natural human behaviour. Why do you think so many marriages fail? Why is the pornography and sex industry booming? Why do so many couples cheat on each other? Our artificial values are next to impossible to live by. And even for those that can – they will likely do so miserably. And for the very few who can – happily – live by them, good for you…but you are minor exceptions to a huge rule.

Don’t believe me – look at more statistics:

Christians, like adherents of other religions, have a divorce rate of about 42%. The rate among religiously unaffiliated Americans is 50%. (USA Today)

Annual Worldwide Revenue for the Pornography Industry = $97.06 Billion

Approximately 50 percent married women and 60 percent of married men will have an extramarital affair at some time in their marriage. And since it is unlikely that the people having affairs are married to each other in every case, the current statistics on the percentage of married couples who cheat on each other means that someone is having an affair in nearly 80 percent of marriages. (Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy)

In his book, Sociobiology, author E.O. Wilson argued that evolutionary theory is “the essential first hypothesis for any serious consideration of the human condition” and that “without it the humanities and social sciences are the limited descriptors of surface phenomena, like astronomy without physics, biology without chemistry, and mathematics without algebra.”

By embracing religious myths like the need for salvation, or that we come from a creator – you keep me as a self-defense instructor in business, because you ensure the perpetuation of violence. These world views are enablers. But if we begin to look at ourselves as we truly are – not much different from our hairy ancestors – then we can really begin to predict, prevent, and fingers-crossed…maybe one day eliminate violent behaviour altogether.

That’s my 2 cents.



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