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New Self-Defense Book | Summer 2012

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It has been 3 years since the release of book one, The ‘Essentials’, a book that I mainly wrote to supplement my workshops and give readers a concise and straight-forward path towards a better understanding of personal self-protection.  Now, I am on a tremendous project; one that I’m very excited to announce here today.  I’ve started a separate web page and twitter account to keep people updated… and to give those interested – the quick news, exerpts and (in the future) ‘specials’ that supporters of this project deserve! and on Twitter @GTSbook

As many of you already know, teaching self-defense has been a deep passion for me.  And my work and interaction with this website, The Combative Corner, only fans the flames of that desire to share and to educate others.

Book #1 proved to be a great experience.  One in which I found myself truly enjoying the process of writing.  Once the testimonials came pouring in from friends, colleagues, and professionals in the field (many of which I’ve never met), I became overwhelmed with excitement.  People I’ve read and highly respect like; Tim Cartmell (Effortless Takedowns and Throws), Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming (YMAA) and Lee Morrison (Urban Combatives) were now reading me, and enjoying my work! (testimonials)

But “my work” is not even close to finished yet!  And the beauty of all this, is that (although it’s “my work”) it is, in large sense, a shared, a collaborative process.  What forms a great and insightful book, comes from “riding on the back of giants.”  To the many that have inspired, influenced and shown me “the way.. there’s a bit of you in every page.  (You’ll see!)

Join my on this journey by following my tweets @GTSbook and/or keep my new page bookmarked!


Author of The Golden Thread


Will be available in Paperback, Hardback, and Digital Download (E-book).  Approx. 250-350 pages in length. 

The Birth Of A New Self-Defense Tool

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T.J. Kennedy of the Hybrid Fighting Method™ gives his review of the Isurus™ Keychain [get one here].

It’s only been a year, but positive reviews & testimonials have been pouring in for this keychain.  The fact of the matter is this – Yes! You’ve seen it before (kubotans) – but not quite like this!  Watch the video above to hear what Mr. Kennedy has to say about these highly-effective and confidence-inspiring tools.

The CombativeCorner is never going to become the website directed at pushing products.  We will never sell-out, give ad-space or accept payment for issuing any sort of review or endorsement.  However, we have a lot of talented people here in our CC family and we want to keep our readers informed with some (if not, ALL) of their great work  (for example, HFM Dvd, Sifu Lee’s books, etc.).


Click Here to Download

Please do not forget that you can download a free, basic manual here at The CombativeCorner (or by the following link : here :).  The Isurus™ was created to help people not only feel safe, but stay safe and afford them better leverage when encountering a violent attack.  Practical, lightweight and affordable, the Isurus™ (in my opinion) is a no-brainer (especially for those in college).  Please use the comment field below if you have any questions for us! Thank you & Stay Safe!


*The Isurus Self-Defense Keychain is to be used for Self-Protection Purposes Only.


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Purchase your copy [HERE]

(Extend Sale Price) Ends Nov. 5th, 2010

$1 of Each Sold is Donated to RAINN.Org.  Thanks & Enjoy!

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