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Sifu Lee on Video Gaming

Posted in Day's Lesson, Miscellaneous with tags , , , , , , , , on February 28, 2012 by Sifu Freddie Lee

The problem with video games is the addiction it can cause. It is not a good addiction. It is an inactive addiction – similar to being addicted to watching television. Before the invention of these high definition video game consoles, people would play more sports – people would be more active. I remember as a child going to the park & always seeing people playing basketball from day to night. Now I rarely see anyone playing basketball. What I see in my neighborhood is the community has banned a lot of basketball hoops in the parks.  Nearly all basketball hoops have been taken down, mainly due to residents complaining about teenagers making a lot of noise & getting into physical altercations.

The energy that people used to have for sports has been directed towards video games. Rather than spending 10 years developing themselves to be competent in sport or art, people are spending 10 years playing video games. I’ve witnessed how addictive it can become especially for the child & I see how unhealthy it can become. One can stop eating, stop sleeping, & stop living fully. One can think about nothing but the video game day & night. If a person is so addicted to playing video games that he cannot find much happiness without playing video games, then there is a problem. If a person is well-balanced in Life & finds happiness in many activities other than video games, then it is okay.

Another problem I see with video games is the over emphasis on violence. Over 90% of video games revolve around violence. Nearly every video game is about beating, killing, and shooting. There is so much killing in these video games that you can very easily end up dreaming about killing. You are virtually playing the role of a killer and when you become addicted, it indicates that you deeply enjoy this virtual world of killing. This can lead to something very unhealthy for the mind and spirit.

These are not games of Tetris, Monopoly, or Chess. These are games of virtual warfare and extreme expressions of violence. Every game becomes very repetitive, a different name, a different title, a different scene, but leading to the same thing- killing.  It does not lead towards any positive growth. The energies you have within are drained and wasted by playing these video games. This energy can be turned towards art and creativity. Playing music for 20 years will turn you into an artist, playing video games for 20 years will not lead you anywhere, there is no growth.

People need to be lead back to Art, Music, Dance, or even Sport. Playing a peaceful expression of sport is much better for the body than video games. Playing basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, etc. is much better for the body than playing video games. At the worst, video games can turn you into a psychopathic killer.  At the best it will just make you lazy and dependent on the virtual world for happiness. It is not completely bad but it also has no real benefit to your existence when it comes to developing yourself in body, mind, & spirit. I do not completely frown upon the playing of video games, as it is the next step above being completely inactive and watching TV. A basketball fanatic may spend 2000 hours a year watching others play basketball. The 2nd step is a video game basketball fanatic who spends 2000 hours a year playing basketball video games. The 3rd step above that is the athlete who spends 2000 hours a year playing real basketball on the courts. We all need to get to the 3rd step; we need to become athletes, artists and full participators in the actual activity of which we enjoy.

Now the real problem may be that people want to kill but they are not allowed to kill, so they end up killing in the video game. They feel more freedom in the virtual world to do as they wish than in the real world. Now this desire to kill may be the real problem that needs to be addressed, some people may be able to play paintball and receive joy in this.  For others this may not be good enough so they may join the army, they may enter the ring, or cage.  They may go hunting. Or they may actually do what they fantasize about and end up being sent to prison after they are caught.

Those who do have the deep desire to kill should keep that energy within the virtual world and not take that into reality. That energy should go backwards, not forwards. One who is addicted to killing in the virtual world, should stop this addiction. One who then becomes addicted to watching others kill in movies, should stop this addiction. One who then becomes addicted to thinking about killing others, should stop this addiction. One who then constantly dreams about killing others, should find peace of mind so that these violent dreams no longer occur. Eventually, one will be liberated from this psychological violence. When you are in the virtual world & you are killing, immerse yourself in the role, discover the futility of it all. Once you discover this, you will be free.

Once you are free, you will no longer be addicted to it.  Once you are no longer addicted, you will find peace of mind.

Freddie Lee

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Martial Artists and ‘The Ego’ : Sifu Lee

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A Martial Artist does not forever enhance this ego, he enhances it, & then he destroys it. He raises himself up, & then he lowers himself back down. He understands both.

He understands the ego way & he understands the way with no ego.

He knows how to be hard but he also knows how to be soft. He is gentle & sweet but he can be fierce when it is called upon for him to be fierce.  He does not enjoy seeing others suffer but he understands that at certain times others will need to suffer in order to grow.

Freddie Lee

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What is a martial art besides, as Bruce Lee put it, “An expression of the human body in a combative form?”  And what “true” level can we consider ourselves if we neglect to train the physical?  Below are two lists (male & female) that (as of 7/19/2011) reflect the minimum fitness requirements for the 3 ranks in FMK.  The first number denotes red.  The second, blue.  And the last number, black.

All exercises are meant to be done in under 90 minutes.

Flexibility Requirements

Middle Split (inches from ground): [10-19] 12-8-4, [20-34] 13-9-5, [35-49] 14-10-6, [50-64] 15-11-7, [65-80] 16-12-8

Bent Over Reach: 2 fingers touching the floor, 5 fingers “, head touching knees

Arms behind back: 7 o’clock position, 8 o’clock position, arms parallel to the floor

Flexibility Requirements

Middle Split (inches from ground): [10-19] 10-6-2, [20-34] 2-4-6, [35-49] 12-8-4, [50-64] 13-9-5, [65-80] 14-10-6

Bent Over Reach: 2 fingers touching the floor, 5 fingers “, head touching knees

Arms behind back: 7 o’clock position, 8 o’clock position, arms parallel to the floor

Freddie Lee’s Fitness Test

Jenny Lee’s Fitness Test



Article by: Freddie Lee & Michael Joyce

Sifu Lee on Teaching Yourself

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To those teenagers & young adults who do not have jobs & don’t have much money to spend for tuition in a Martial Arts school, do not underestimate your ability to teach yourself. If you want to get good at basketball, just grab a ball & start shooting some hoops, you don’t need a coach to do that.

If you want to get good at playing pool, get a cue stick & start shooting. The first & most important is to do it. You can learn so much just by watching, if you can watch & learn, you will progress rapidly.

There are great benefits to joining a Martial Arts school but if you are a teenager or a young adult, your parents may not approve. Many people state to me that they have been interested in the Martial Arts since they were teenagers. I say do not lose that inspiration, simply do it. Buy the books, watch the movies, & start training on your own. Start teaching yourself by watching & following. You will learn much about yourself during the process.

As you progress you may develop friendships with other Martial Artists who can help you progress more quickly. When you get a job & become an adult then you can decide for yourself to join a Martial Arts school. Even if you practice any sport or commit yourself some sort of consistent exercise program for many years, you can easily transfer those skillsets to the Martial Arts. As long as you put time to develop your body, you shall be readily prepared to reach high levels in the Martial Arts.

Sifu Freddie Lee

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Sifu Lee On The Art of Combat

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Looks can be very deceiving. A person can look like he cannot fight but he may have been training in combat for many years & is very proficient. It is a tactical game of strategy. Like chess you can out beat a stronger, younger, faster, & more powerful opponent with your mind. Like swimming, just b/c a person looks unfit & out of shape it does not mean he is not proficient in swimming. A very fit healthy young man may not even know how to swim & end up drowning!

I have a respect for anyone who passionately trains in the Art of Combat for many years. Even if they may appear as if they know nothing, as if they cannot fight, I know they know something & that they are capable of defending themselves. You will never know if someone is good at Chess or Billiards simply by looking at his physique & judging his appearance. He may be a Master, & you will not know until you play with him some day. If someone owns a pool table, watch out, if someone plays chess often, watch out. If someone studies combat, watch out.

I see that in the Art of Combat, to be a true Master you must strive to perfect the body. You must strive to be a great athlete. If you watch the Olympics, for anything physical, you have to be extremely fit to get to that level of proficiency. Becoming proficient in the Art of Combat requires specialized physical training. It is different than training to be great at Football, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Baseball, etc. Yes you may be a great athlete, but if you are not specializing in exercises most practical for combat you will not be the most proficient in that craft.

Sifu Freddie Lee

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