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HFM Vs. Krav Maga

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The Hybrid Fighting Method (HFM) is a self-defense and fighting system forged in an urban environment. HFM is brutally effective, and it will make sure you survive a violent encounter.

When people watch the videos I have posted on YouTube, or when they watch classes – it often draws comparisons to Krav Maga. I have even been challenged that HFM is no different from Krav Maga, and is just a plagiarism of it.

This article is to explain how this is not the case.

First of all, I fully acknowledge that my background is in Krav Maga, and that there are many shared traits between KM and HFM.

But, through my years of training and teaching KM, I saw many things that could have been tweaked or changed altogether to make the system more effective for a larger audience.  Krav Maga (at least how I was taught) was very rigid and the training methods didn’t allow for much improvisation.  So, I began incorporating elements of other systems I had learned, and something new began to take shape.

Think of this analogy. Back in the early 1800s in the United States of America, there had been nearly half a million slaves brought over from Africa. They brought with them their culture, which included traditional African music.  The Caucasian Europeans that lived in the US brought with them classical music.  Over the next century, the slaves, also being influenced by the European classical music, began incorporating it into their own African music. Before long, what emerged was what we now call “jazz”.

Is jazz classical music? No. Is jazz African music? No. Jazz is a new form of music, related to both Classical and Traditional African, but also entirely different from both.

Similarly, human beings evolved from primates – and we share over 98% of a primate’s DNA. But you would never say that human beings ARE primates!  We share many similarities, but are very different things.

This is how HFM differs from Krav Maga. It shares some of its “DNA”, but has evolved to become and entirely new entity.

And by the way, as a devout music lover, I can appreciate classical music and traditional African music – but my REAL passion is jazz!

Just sayin’.


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* T.J. Kennedy is in the process of making available a self-defense instructional dvd series that will be available shortly at his website, HybridFightingMethod.Com.  Don’t forget to Subscribe to the CombativeCorner – we’ll make sure you know the second it becomes available.

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