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All IN, or All OUT

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When it comes to self-defense I tell my students that they have to be either “all in or all out”.

What I mean by that is that they must choose to escape immediately….and to do so fast.  However, if the opportunity to escape safely is not present, and they must use violence as a survival tool to secure a chance to get away safely – then they have to do so with full commitment and intent – “all in”.

Striking your attacker half-heartedly and with no real intent to injure is too risky. He wants to kill or cripple you.  If you don’t commit fully, then the chances of you escaping at all, forget uninjured, are slim to none.

It is commonly said that the “best defense is a good offense”.  Well, actually, in our context of self-protection, the best defense is absence.  Don’t be in that situation in the first place, and/or escape immediately.

But when it comes down to it and you are forced into defending yourself, you have to cause significant enough damage to your attacker so that you can get away safely.

I’m not talking about overkill here…I mean doing whatever is necessary to create an opportunity for safe escape.

Be all in or all out – there is no other way.

T.J. Kennedy

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A Day’s Lesson [9/23/2010] : VAUGHN

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Action and Reaction in the martial arts & self-defense…

Whether it’s sparring or self defense, over thinking things can be a costly mistake. When you only have milliseconds to react to a dangerous situation, thinking isn’t a luxury you always have. Instead you want to practice your techniques to the point that your body can act / react on instinct without having to deal the hesitation that often comes with how our bodies react to our fight or flight response.

Sensei Brandon Vaughn

5th Dan. Karate International Instructor

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