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Brutality In Martial Arts : “Ass-tral Projection”

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The self-defense / combatives / martial arts industry is one full of brutality.  I am not talking about physical brutality, I am talking about the way instructors spout on about other instructors.  Most of us in this field have never been able to practice “live and let live”.  In listening to several audio courses and DVDs about leadership, growth, and so on – I have learned that typically we value other people based on the traits they exhibit that we also like in ourselves.  We also dislike people based on the traits they exhibit that we dislike in ourselves.

Essentially, our feelings and thoughts towards other people are based on how we view ourselves.  We basically project our positive and negative qualities onto people.  So, when I am slammed for no logical reason, I call it “ass-tral projection”.  The asses are projecting their crap onto me.  It happens to you; too…I am sure of it!

Recently, I have angered the martial arts gods which has earned me rabid emails detailing how much of a fraud I am.  This brings warm gooey feelings to my heart…, it really doesn’t.  I was actually directly called a “lamprey” on other “seasoned martial artists” that “spent decades getting to where they have gotten”.

I do try and market myself and my system (Hybrid Fighting Method) a lot, because we all live in a world system where in order to live the life we want, we need money to access the resources to make that life possible.  While I refuse to sacrifice quality in my programming for money – I still need to pay my bills and provide for myself and those depending on me.  It is not my concern whether or not people feel that I am getting more attention than them.  I am doing this because I believe wholeheartedly in the efficacy of the Hybrid Fighting Method – and HFM needs to be in people’s hands!

To me (and I will touch on this later in this article) a self-defense and combative system should be a delivery system for injury and/or escape.  Nothing more and certainly nothing less.  And I will explain after how this has influenced the Hybrid Fighting Method.  To be effective in self-defense, or in this case transferring the application of tactics and strategies to defend oneself does not – and CAN NOT take decades.  If it did we’d all be screwed.  Self-defense needs to be simple.  It’s really that simple!

Normally, I wouldn’t really care what people say – and I still mostly don’t…but in this one particular case it came from someone (who up until now) I have held in high esteem.  I have decided to write this article to go into painstaking detail about my credentials and experience.  That way, anyone who questions my validity can be referred to this article on any of the many forums it will be available on.  As my girlfriend can attest to, I hate having to repeat myself, and so I will take the time to write this once and only once.  If anyone badgers on about my lack of credibility send them here – because I am going to expose myself 100% completely, holding nothing back.  Judge for yourself whether or not you want to learn from me.

T.J. Kennedy

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