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Happy Holidays from Us! Sincerely, CombativeCorner

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It has been a great Year! 

Since we began on April Fool’s Day of last year, we have had the privilege to get interviews with many of the finest teachers and martial artists around today… Geoff Thompson, Rener Gracie and Chen Huixian (just to name three!).

It has been our goal here at the Combative Corner to be your “go-to” resource for top-notch articles on the martial arts, self-protection and personal wellness.  It was also our goal to provide said information in an honest and very giving manner.  We hope that in your eyes, we have accomplished this.

There are many things that we should be excited about in 2012!

Article ideas are always bountiful and we will do our best to get more of them out to you and in a timely manner.  A few reasons to keep the CombativeCorner bookmarked will be for the 2012 interviews.  We have on our list: Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming (popular teacher & author), Glenn Hairston, and UFC  6 Champion Oleg Taktarov.  I (Michael Joyce) am also, personally excited for the (possible) interview with Chungliang, Al Huang (a big influence on the way I teach and express my taijiquan practice)

From all of us at the Combative Corner, to all our loyal readers…

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year,



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