Robert Lara

Robert Lara Sensei is 8th Dan Aikido master and the founder of Four Winds Aikido Dojo in Topeka, Kansas.  A long-standing YouTuber with close to 300 videos, over 2,300+ subscribers and over 3 million views, Robert Lara Sensei makes a continuous effort to spread the joy of Aikido to the world.  He is also a Native American indian, artist & a proud member of the Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation in Kansas.

His top two celebrity martial artists of all-time are Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

His top two martial art athletes (living or deceased) are Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei [The Founder of Aikido 合気道] – the other is Sokaku Takeda, Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu.

When asked, “What influenced you to become involved in the martial arts,” Sensei Robert Lara answers:

“What influenced me at the age of 5 to start Martial Arts was being exposed to violence and the attempted murder of my mother (which happened in front of me and my little brother).
It was at that point that I knew ” No one will ever hurt anyone around me again. I will make sure of that.”  And I have never stopped training.

Those very traumatic events led to me being able to learn to control myself first.  It is only when we learn to control ourselves.  That we can learn to control others.  The art of Aikido teaches us that we are to spread peace and understanding.  Never to attack others, but to have care for all life.  We are all part of the Human family and we are connected to every motion of the Cosmos.

For years I trained external arts because I thought power was in being strong and big.  As I got higher in rank in the external arts things became internal and a light went off.  It was then that my start on the Aiki path began.  And I thank God for the day I was led to Aikido…as it was what I needed.  It has helped to shape me into the person I am today.


Sensei Robert Lara

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  1. I never formally studied Aikido but I really like the principles and what it stands for. I have read “The Art of Peace” and I really enjoyed it. I really like what you have to say about Martial Arts and about life.

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