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The Four Winds

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The Aikido I teach is much different then most main line Aikido. In my Aikido system we strike and kick. We apply Aikido to every situation I can come up with so that the student from day one is learning a real combat effective art. But our goal is peace.
Aikido Is a way of life. And the best way to understand Aikido at the higher levels is to study nature. There comes a point in your training when you no longer have to think to control an attacker. You can call out the attack and control from the first move.  Own the situation by extending Ki, keeping your center, keeping weight underside, and relax completely.
Weapons are very much a part of our system as Aikido is based on the sword. We train many weapons. Not just the Jo(Staff), Ken(Sword), & Tanto(Knife).  There are many influences in my Aikido system.  I have trained in many different martial art systems my whole life and those things that work I keep and use. Those that do not, I throw away.
A large goal with my students is that they learn Masakatsu Agatsu (True victory is victory over Oneself).  This is a high goal, and I expect all of my students to strive for it each and every day… not just in the dojo, but in daily life. We do this so that we spread peace where ever we go, and to represent the true spirt of Aikido.

Robert Lara Shihan

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