Thompson, Geoff

During the fight or flight syndrome we experience what is known as ‘mid brain’ where we are not discernable from animals and our only concern is that of survival.  …how we can train ourselves and our students to overcome this natural instinct when perhaps running away is not in our best interest.

Author: Geoff Thompson

Price: £9.99

Get a Copy:  HERE


Grannon, Richie

The Violent Intent Tutorial is a 7-Chapter Ebook and 30 minute Mp3 outlining the need for Violent Intent in Street Combatives training.  Richard Grannon is one of the top self protection instructors in the world and founder of the website and youtube channel StreetFightSecrets.

Author: Richard Grannon

Price: $12.97

Get a Copy: HERE


Joyce, Michael

Considered by many to be the most concise books on self-defense to date.  Click here to read favorable reviews from well-known martial artists such as: Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Tim Cartmell, Lee Morrison, Ari Bolden (of Submissions 101), & more.  Learn what’s “essential” for reality-based self protection and how you can become better prepared for anything you may encounter.

Author: Michael Joyce.

Price: $15.98 (Paperback), $7.50 (Digital Download)

Get a Copy: HERE

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