Michael Joyce

Michael Joyce is the founder & head instructor of the ChenCenter in W-S, NC.  He’s the author of the highly-acclaimed self-defense book, The Golden Thread & instructs Women’s Self-Defense workshops year-round.  His disciplines are Chen Style Hunyuan Taijiquan, classical foil and smallsword fencing.  Recently, Coach Joyce created a specialized Tai Chi form called the Joyce 18. 

Brandon Vaughn

Shihan Brandon (Brad) Vaughn is a 7th Dan in Karate with over twenty-seven years experience in the martial arts. His training includes Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Mr. Vaughn has spent the last 13 years teaching self-defense classes and seminars to the general public and to medical facilities and emergency medical services. Mr. Vaughn is also a published author with his newest book, Sensei’s Words of Wisdom, available Fall 2018.

Johnny Kuo

Johnny Kuo is a certified teacher of I Liq Chuan under Master Sam F.S. Chin.  His previous martial art experience includes Chen Taijiquan under Lipyeow Lim and Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai while finishing his graduate studies at Duke University.  While at Duke, he helped run the Duke Taijiquan Club & was head instructor for the club for 2 years.  He created and runs the website MindBodyKungfu.  Mr. Kuo is a Research Engineer by profession and lives, works and teaches ILC in Lancaster, PA.

Robert Lara

Robert Lara Sensei is 6th Dan Aikido master and the founder of Four Winds Aikido Dojo in Topeka, Kansas.  A long-standing YouTuber with close to 300 videos, over 2,300+ subscribers and over 3 million views, Robert Lara Sensei makes a continuous effort to spread the joy of Aikido to the world.  He is also a Native American indian, artist & a proud member of the Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation in Kansas.       

T.J. Kennedy

T.J. Kennedy is the chief instructor and founder of the Hybrid Fighting Method (HFM™) and is a growing name in the realm of premium, self-protection methodology and pedagogy.  Currently he teaches his Hybrid Fight Method across Canada.  You can learn more about Mr. Kennedy by clicking on his picture or by visiting his website at HybridFightingMethod.Com.

William Kwok

William Kwok is the founder and headmaster of Gotham Martial Arts, a martial arts school that offers Practical Wing Chun and traditional Taekwon-Do in New York City. He is a Harvard graduate and currently pursuing a Doctor of Education degree at Northeastern University. Recently, he established Martial Arts Education Society (MAES), a volunteer organization devoted to spreading awareness of the martial arts for educating people in discipline, philosophy, history, and culture.

Maul Mornie

Maul Mornie is a master of Silat Suffian Bela Diri and is constantly traveling the world teaching.  He is from Seria, a small town in Brunei Darussalam, but is currently living in the United Kingdom. He has a very popular YouTube channel with nearly 40,000 subscribers. His aim is to introduce the tradition, culture and heritage of Brunei Darussalam.

Chris Clodfelter

Chris Clodfelter is a former professional Muay Thai and MMA fighter with over 40 fights under his belt and during his career was a United States Muay Thai Association Lightweight Champion, a TUF Season 12 alternate, and one of the first Muay Thai fighters in history to compete at the prestigious Madison Square Garden in NYC. Kru Clodfelter has traveled and trained in some of the top boxing camps in Thailand and has shared his knowledge with countless individuals around the world through seminars and video tutorials. As Owner and Head Trainer at Eight Points Muay Thai, Kru Clodfelter has coached fighters to wins in some of the worlds top kickboxing and MMA promotions. In addition to Muay Thai, He holds the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under fourth degree Carlson Gracie Team black belt Cesar Pereira.






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