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Exceptionally Answered Questions : on Fencing

August 7, 2015

Over the years we’ve had the privilege to interview countless athletes, fighters and teachers.  At the CombativeCorner we love to not just ask the about “the story” (what got them to where they are), but the probing questions that will more likely resonate with the student looking to find a method/style/philosophy/etc that can bring their […]

Fencing 101: Classical Salute & En Garde [video]

May 24, 2013

In this age of modern fencing, we have fewer and fewer students adopting the classical form of First Position, Salute and En Garde.  These 3 actions help to give the fencer a connection to the history and style of fencing, an exercise in proper form/body posturing, and to give proper acknowledgement and respect to the […]

Fencing 101 : Proper Grip (Foil)

April 5, 2011

Proper grip/hand position on the sword is perhaps the most basic element when it comes to sword mastery. What many fencers (mostly of today’s time) is that fencing is with the fingers – the deathly edge at one’s control just as a brush is to an artist. To achieve a fitting start in swordplay, one must take special care in how they hold the sword. In classical fencing, the practitioner must remember the words of the swordmaster Doutreval*, (Scaramouche, 1952) who said to student Andre Moreau,… (read more)

Fencing Language In “I Love You, Man”

November 30, 2010

In 2009, a movie came along that I found utterly hilarious.  What tickled me even more was that the main character fenced!  (Something we have in common).  And just like The Princess Bride, screenwriter and director John Hamburg decided to add some fencing dialogue… something that us fencing nerds soo relish to hear.  (Fencing Nerds, […]

Fencing Language in “The Princess Bride”

November 11, 2010

If you’re anything like me, you found the movie The Princess Bride (1987) by Rob Reiner, to be a very entertaining film.  In all honesty, this was the film that poured gasoline on my desire to wield a sword, and quote the lines (with accent), “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father. […]