The Art of Aikido in these Modern Times

Gary Boaz

Over the last several years I’ve talked a lot about how I believe that the way aikido is taught falls drastically short of modern practicality. This has led to many misunderstandings. I’ve been accused of saying that aikido doesn’t work in modern times. That’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t waste 25 years of my life on something that doesn’t work. What I am saying is that I believe in the principles of aikido. Where today’s teachers fall short is in the presentation. If aikido is to survive, even to evolve we have to address the modern fighter. We have to train against hooks, jabs, uppercuts, knees, elbows, the groundfighter as well as modern weapons. I recently dug up an article discussing this and these next video clips will go along with those themes. 

If you want more examples of aikidoka doing this, check out Lenny Sly A former Tenshin practitioner, Sly is advancing his own aikido with what he refers to combative concepts. It’s great stuff. A word of warning, his videos aren’t always safe for younger ears or if you are at work. Regardless, his stuff works.

Sensei Gary Boaz

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The other side of the coin to the traditional munetsuki kotegaeshi. Please don’t think I’m saying that kotegaeshi doesn’t work. That’s not what I’m saying. Quite the opposite. Apply the principles to a modern attack and see what happens. Get your butt outside the freaking box folks!

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3 Responses to “The Art of Aikido in these Modern Times”

  1. ” I wouldn’t waste 25 years of my life on something that doesn’t work.” Im sorry sir, but EVERYONE says that. What it means when people say “that doesnt work” is not to be taken literally. Like many traditional martial arts you have to go back to the origin of the system and WHY it was developed.

    Quoted from wikipedia source : “However, aikido derives much of its technical structure from the art of swordsmanship (kenjutsu)”.

    As you can see, unless someone is attacking you with a SWORD you may have a hard time against an opponent attacking you with broken rhythm. Unorthodox attacks, random factors, etc. are always the downfall of traditional martial arts in real street fights. Last time I checked this wasn’t feudal Japan where most men or warriors carried around a katana.

    Now does this mean it is 100% useless? Of course not. Im sure people have won fights using Aikido in the past. Im sure some will win fights using JUST Aikido in the future. However, these old ways are no longer the best way to fight, using a single system.

    I am not being respectful, but you just may not realize how many guys I have personally witnessed spend 20 plus years in a style, only to get beaten badly by the Bubba the wonder trucker, who is drunk and enraged in a bar fight.

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