Luke Holloway. Here’s What I Really Think

holloway profileA lot of people are interested in Luke Holloway these days?

As much as his royal manhawk is conquering the world right now on and off the internet, I see no legitimate reasons, from my perspective, to try and discredit him or otherwise publicize what negative things I feel about his character.

That being said,…

Here is what I really feel and think about Luke Holloway.

But who the fuck am I and what the fuck do I know about Luke?  I have had the pleasure of meeting Luke his first time to Canada. I picked him up at the airport in a borrowed car to accommodate for that man’s mammoth frame and cranium. He’s a big man, at 6’4″ and somewhere around 250-260 lbs.  Seeing him walk out of the terminal with his earbuds in and constant surveying gaze (he has cat-like awareness of the surroundings), our eyes met, smiles ensued, and we never stopped laughing since that moment years ago.

I will get to professional opinions in a moment, but my personal feelings about Luke are important to note, as well.


luke and tj 2I think he is a wonderful human being.  I think he is funny and I think he’s energetic, charismatic and fun to be around.  He is also super smart.  That’s why I hang out with him and why we get along so well. I find his worldview refreshingly flexible and his mind open.  He has become as close as a brother and if everyone treated others the way he treated me there would be a whole lot more respect and peace in the world (not the least of which is the martial arts world).

Professionally, he was in the industry for some years before me and so serves as a blueprint for success to me.  Many people try and tell me how to run and market my international combatives company.  Luke is one of the few who are fully qualified to actually do so, and yet, he doesn’t unless asked.  He is a humble individual who’s level of respect for people is perfectly at home in Japan, where he spent many years.

Kennedy & Holloway Video

Kennedy & Holloway Video

Training with him, I find that he is open to learn and open to teach. a great partner to exchange ideas with. his mind is sharp and able to multitask well. the ability for complex and original thought means more to me, personally, than credentials, but Luke has some goddamn credentials. I remember being with my country’s national police heads (RCMP) in London, England watching the riot police (public order) train in 2012. I have many memories, some tangible, that will never be publicly seen or talked about. I’ve seen some of Luke’s, and he trains some serious dudes (and dudettes, too).


I can appreciate Luke’s system, also because I am a student of movement. I love studying movement.  With the southeast Asian kinetic contribution to RAW Combat, mixed with kinetic influence from tai chi, it is a system that really teaches you how to use your body as a weapon.  That is the same goal of the Hybrid Fighting Method that I teach – and that’s why I can confidently endorse his system to my students and instructors to broaden their knowledge.

holloway gunAlso keep in mind that he is the alpha (leader) of his organization (and an alpha in his day-to-day) and it’s in our evolutionary makeup as men to challenge the alpha for status within our social hierarchies.  This happens all the time, and Luke takes it with grace.

Outside of evolutionary psychology with respect to group dynamics, complaints he has received from within his organization can, in my opinion, be chalked up to personality differences and other personal schisms.  Something you must keep in mind with Luke is that he is still a young buck.  What I mean is he is a young guy full of testosterone and he likes to let loose.  This exciting, take-no-prisoners attitude often gets misunderstood as egotism.  If Luke does have an ego larger than his own head…..which, by the way, have you seen his fucking head?!..  I haven’t noticed. I have been surprised before by guys I called ‘brother’ who ended up being total dicks.  I haven’t yet witnessed that with Luke.

My experience has been nothing but positive.

All in all, Luke is a great guy, great martial artist, and a great instructor… and one helluva dancer!

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3 Responses to “Luke Holloway. Here’s What I Really Think”

  1. Brian Opdenkelder Says:

    Agreed – across the board. I had the pleasure and privilege of co-hosting (along with T.J.) Luke at my gym on his first trip to Canada. This event remains one of my favourite training weekends in a martial arts and combatives career that spans over 25 years.

    During a 10 – 15 minute side-conversation, Luke shared with me a few tips related to drawing a sidearm, taking a stable shooting stance, acquiring a target, and squeezing (NOT pulling) off a shot. After practising these tips for only a couple of weeks, I stepped onto the range to re-qual with my service pistol. My score was near-perfect (and 17 points higher than last year), and I felt far more comfortable with my sidearm (H&K P2000, 9mm) than I had ever felt before. All from a 15-minute convo with Luke.

    This is only one of many “gifts” I took away away from my first and only interaction with Luke; but it perfectly illustrates his efficacy – both as a warrior, and as a teacher of the warrior arts. If you have the chance to meet and train with Luke, you really should make whatever sacrifices are necessary to do so. You won’t be disappointed. Seriously.

    Bottom line: Luke is the man(hawk), and I look forward to F***ing S*** Up with him again at the end of August.

    Peace out, bitches!

  2. Luke is a fraud Says:

    Jesus did you write one hell of a fluff piece. Anyone who reads this should know Luke lies out his ass and knows basically nothing. The author is Luke’s buddy, so T.J. Is basically sticking up for his friend. I have a little more respect for T.J. Because he’s had some fights ( which he lost, but at least he tested himself). The best thing you can learn from Luke is how to perpetuate a fraudulent image and internet marketing. Luke has never been in law enforcement in any capacity, he has never taken a professional/ armature fight, and has never been in any military. He doesn’t hold a degree from any University or any legitimate athletic training credentials. What was luke ? a bouncer and what he knows he’s picked up from various MA dojo’s. Raw Combat is pretty much a crappy fighting system that attracts people who aren’t tough or dedicated enough to stick with MMA or BJJ. I grew up with law enforcement went to college and got a carrier in the field. I WOULD NEVER LISTEN TO LUKE. Because he really has no idea what men in uniform go through. Also I can look at his “movement” and since I fought and done BJJ, Wrestling and MMA for 8 years, I can say he teaches some dopey stuff. Even the situational awareness stuff he teaches is like day one basic stuff. His firearm skills are average his knowledge of firearms average, he’s NRA credentials unimpressive ( and most likely expired).

    Another thing you describe Luke like he’s a Goliath. At 6’4 and a flabby 240-260 he’s slightly above average, but by no means Huge. In fact, I have no doubt he would get embarrassed in any Heavy weight division in any sport ( other than professional con game)
    T.J. You seem like a nice guy and I know you sticking up for your buddy. Also, Luke may actually be a nice guy, but when you get down to it Luke embodies a person who is full of shit.

    • We thank you for your input. Your opinion is yours and we surely do not share the same opinion here at the Combative Corner. Just to save some time on your end, this was the last comment on Luke (from you) that we’ll allow to be shown on the blog. Everyone must make up their own mind. From what I’ve experienced (as well as T.J.) Luke IS a good guy and we believe, very talented…we will continue to support him. Don’t ever underestimate being a “good guy/person.” It is the very root of the martial arts.

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