Secret Training Method of Maul Mornie

“…The advanced is the mastery of the basics. ‘Effortless’ comes from constant correct practice. In SSBD form (structure & intention) is important from the beginning to end.”

A lot of people ask me how do I train in my free time. I train nothing but basics and conditioning, because that is all I think what is important. And most people would just say “That’s its?  Oh… it’s a secret huh? I get it.”

I emphasize my personal training for 1st contact in self defence (not competative fights), because all movements begins with the 1st contact.  The connection between the given intention & receiving intention (without contact), the connection at the point of contact between body and body, and then progressing to gerak langkah to the breaking of structure (or in Japanese terms from Sabaki to Kuzushi).

An Aikido friend introduced me to a clip of Shihan Seishiro Endo a few days ago and he took my interest straight away when he spoke about “Atari”.  To my understanding it is the engagement and connection of intention (energy, ki or chi if you will).

When people ask me how do I make people bigger and taller than me fall without any effort, without physically training with me I can never explain it, but Endo Shihan is able to explain the concept in just over 1 minute.  As Einstein said,

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

I guess that is why Endo Shihan is a master and I’m just starting my journey in understanding the art.

Maul Mornie

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