CombativeCorner Turns 2 Years Old!

Joyce  |  This has truly been… and continues to be, a wonderful journey.  I want to thank all of our readers, our Combative Corner family for making these 2 years seem like 2 days.  The martial arts is a bottomless well, and with each fetching of water, I hope everyone continues to wet their lips.  The Combative Corner was founded on April 1st, 2010 and is one thing I deeply treasure, but not as much as the friends I’ve made.  A deep thank you to our Combative Crew: Vaughn, Kuo, Lara, Lee and Kennedy and a special thank you for each and every one of our “extended” family wherever you may be.  Cheers!  Oss, Michael Joyce (CombativeCorner.Com founderTwitter  |  Facebook

|  Lee  | My thoughts on the “Combative Corner” reminds me so much of the Martial Arts club I had founded in Purdue University from the years of 2000-2004 called “Fighters United.” The goal of the club was to bring together many talented Martial Artists in order to learn from one another. I see that Combative Corner aims to do the same in the online world. But great talent usually also comes with great ego. Without a Master, you have a bunch of students fighting amongst one another to prove who is right. When you gather a bunch of Masters together, now you may have a bunch of Masters fighting amongst one another to prove who is right. But a true Master does not fight; those that do fight are not Masters.

True Masters know the truth within & they do not need to express it with any words, they simply lead by example. Combative Corner aims to bring together Masters in order to share & learn from one another. YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, & the internet in general bring people together on a large scale. Combative Corner creates a smaller close knit community so that there is a closer connection amongst those involved. YouTube is like a University, Combative Corner is like a Fraternity within the University. Yes you can make lifelong friends while attending a University, but if you join a group within the University that promotes a strong brotherhood, it will increase your chances of creating everlasting friends. Combative Corner aims to be the place where you immediately connect with true Masters of the Martial Arts, there is a regulator to control who is qualified & who is not. On YouTube & the internet in general, there is no regulator. Without a regulator, it will be very difficult for the novice to determine whether or not a Master is true or false.

|  Kennedy  |  The one thing I love about the CC above all else that I love about the CC is it`s lack of politics. Drama free….makes life so much easier. Kudos to MJ for running it that way. It makes me proud to be a part of it.

|  Kuo  |  Combative Corner has a unique feel. Michael has managed to get a diverse bunch of martial artists with different viewpoints together and express their thoughts in a civil manner. What has come out of this grand experiment is interesting posts and discussions covering a range of topics. All the while, things have not devolved into flame wars and name calling, which is all too common on the internet, especially when you get opinionated martial artists in the same forum.

As a group, we are not a mutual admiration society just restating the same opinion. We are also not a reality-show clash of personalities. The fact that different perspectives can get expressed without politics or personality clashes taking over is a tribute to both the contributors and to MJ for fostering a constructive environment at Combative Corner.

|  Vaughn  |  Anytime there is a chance for martial artists to come together and share their knowledge and experience with no bias towards style, age, years training or personal beliefs I think it is a great thing.
I was and still am honored to have asked to have been apart of it.
We are truly doing something great at the combative corner and I want to thank Michael for starting it all and bring us all together to not only share what we have learned with the masses but with each other as well. Let’s keep it going.
Happy Anniversary Combative Corner!

|  Lara  |  I feel this is a great honor to be able to share our arts with each other as well as view points. Without it we will never grow.  I have learned so much from my fellow Martial artist here as well. Thank you to each one of you for your fine posts! I look forward to many more years of growth here together at COMBATIVE CORNER.  Rei,  Robert Lara Shihan

Please let us know what you think of us in the comment space below!

What was your favorite article or interview perhaps? What do you hope to see more of in the future?

The lines are open.

6 Responses to “CombativeCorner Turns 2 Years Old!”

  1. Jamen Z. [via Facebook]

    Great work on keeping CC alive, well and professional my friend.. It has been an honor to be included in it and I look forward to the potential of submitting more articles in the near future if you will have them.. in peace and happy CC 2nd year… Jamen

  2. Jennifer J. [via Facebook]

    Favorite article: Why Women Don’t Learn Self-Defense, But Should.

  3. Al Peasland [via Facebook’s] Complete Self Protection

    Love what you’ve achieved with combative corner. Flattered to have been invited to contribute. I wish you all the best and look forward to the continued growth if this fantastic site. congratulations!

  4. A prepared mind is a winning mind, and the topics here always prevoke thought. Thanks..

  5. Congrats on two years, looking forward to the 5th year, keep it up!

  6. The Combative Corner continues to stand in the forefront as being one of the first martial art/combative blogs to incorporate a panel of professional teachers that are able to discuss topics and write on topics in a deep and engaging way – without drama.

    So many other entertainment platforms pit one side against the other. The Combative Corner embraces all and that is something I highly respect.

    The true martial artist must stimulate his mind – most importantly. I make it a point to stop by CombativeCorner.Com daily, even if nothing new has been posted… because there is undoubtedly something that I must re-read.

    Keep up the good work.


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