Interview with Greg Park | ChosonNinja

Greg Park is a martial artist that many have had the fortune to learn from since the emergence of his YouTube Channel.  A gifted martial artist and humble teacher, Master (who prefers to be called ‘Brother’ or ‘Friend’) Park has graciously posted his educational videos for all to see.  If you haven’t seen his videos and are interested in ninjitsu/nintaijitsu, we recommend you give his channel a look. [ChosunNinja]

Before you go, however, watch the interview he gives for the Demzly Show (who beat us to the punch for 10-Questions).

35 Responses to “Interview with Greg Park | ChosonNinja”

  1. God bless greg, his teaching is inspirational humble and enlightening.

  2. He has a kind soul. It is so strange that there are so many personal attacks on this guy.

    CC has written a great article here:

    It says it all!


  3. Henry Mason Says:

    Greg Park is a charlatan and a fake. This video is proof of that beyond a shadow of a doubt: .

    • We thank you for your comment Henry. Sometimes martial artists will perform something outside of their expertise. Having talked with him personally, and through what I’ve seen over the years gives me no reason to doubt his sincerity. It is my opinion (Joyce) that there are no ‘fakes’ – no fake people… sometimes misguided, sometimes underskilled in areas but in Park’s case, there is plenty that he is master of. Plenty of skills that are beyond my ability and yours. Again, thanks for the comment. We will let our readers make up their own mind regarding Mr. Park.

      • Artur Gomes Says:

        Sorry, but a “korean ninjutsu master” who teach wing chun, kali, grappling and karate, without experience in this areas, he isn’t teaching but cheating his students. Beside he teach some people by online teaching something that you need to practice everyday with other people because alone you can’t have real practicing and expirience. And if you don’t know martial arts nowadays is a kind of business and people who control it forget the real philosophy of the martial arts in exchange of money, people don’t teach history, idea or philosophy about their martial art. Is ridiculous people that don’t have experience in nothing try to learn martial arts in DVD or youtube.
        Today if you want to be a master black belt you only need to have enough money to buy the certificate. Sorry but this is the evil and sad reality about all kind martial arts and institution like organizations or federations off all martial art.
        “…the Jiu Jitsu in all my life was my martial art, I do not accept and I guess subject act of treason the guy that teach 3, 4 or more kind of martial art, because he have no commitment with any one, is only a capitalist and financial commitment…” Words of Sensei Iran Brasileiro, Rousimar “Touquinho” Palhares first intructor and actual corner in UFC.

  4. If theres one thing I learned watching this guy’s videos… His haters will stop at nothing to slander and humiliate him, I know he says a lot things about the origins of Ninjas and so on and even I thought they were kind of off the wall at first being that I always associated Ninjas with Japan but after seeing first hand how far some of the Japanese people will go to sway public opinion in propaganda form Im actually in agreement with the man at this point, I take him very seriously because of it. These haters are rabid. If they can go that far just to get people to believe what they want then its not a far stretch to assume their own history is skewed, this is common sense, a logical conclusion. Add to the fact he knows A LOT, its obvious he’s not just watching anime and accumulating data, to call him an expert is an understatement, he actually does some amazing stuff lol! I would have to say he’s an actual Ninja, closest I ever seen. I learned more about Ninjas watching his videos than anywhere else and I always looked for info on Ninjutsu all my life, all I ever found was history on it but never the good stuff, its almost like he’s giving away secrets with no prejudice for who learns from it, he’s kind of like Bruce Lee in that regard. A little off topic but I once uploaded a video about a soccer game with Korea in it, it was my first upload, I admit the title was a bit suggestive but I was just playing around — I swear to god I was getting upwards of a 100+ comments a day from Japanese guys HATING, they weren’t even talking to anyone, just hate speech after hate speech, real propaganda, I eventually took it down because I felt bad about it, I don’t hate Korea at all nor do I wish to be a part of such negativity. I used to have a completely different perspective on Japan, some of you guys can be seriously nasty and go way overboard. If it isn’t the Japanese people its these weirdos who watch entirely too much Naruto lol! They’re experts at everything without actually doing anything, attention freaks. I love Japanese culture and I know they’re not all like this, I do not wish to offend them at all but good god lol! Get a grip already, the man is teaching self-defense and spreading a good message and if there is any truth to what he is saying don’t you even want to know your own history without re-writing it to fit your own specifications? I love reading about Samurais and Bushido but I have yet to see any real honor or respect the way its written, I’ve only witnessed the opposite of it in the worst possible way. I wish ChosonNinja the best of luck because god knows I would not be able to handle the amount of negativity he gets thrown at him, the man is seriously tough mentally and physically. Sorry for my rant but I guess I’ve been holding it in for a while. Thanks for the blog/interview, I enjoyed it greatly.

  5. All I want to say is that Greg Park is an egomeniacal idiot, and no amount of your tree hugging wishy washy bullshit is going to change that. I agree with seeking peace, but not at the expense of the safety of the ignorant.

  6. I was wondering, can anyone give the information on where his Dojo is at? His videos are amazing. I am a disabled combat Veteran US Marine. Because of my injury I must walk with a cane from time to time. When I saw how fluid he was in explaining how to use a cane in self defense my jaw dropped. Now, being a Marine, Also another question, since I do have limited range from time to time do to the injury, would this kind of martial art be appropriate? Thank you so much for answering my questions.

    • I forwarded this comment to Greg Park personally. He may only teach privately and/or at various park settings. If he doesn’t contact you personally, try to contact him through Facebook or his YouTube account.

  7. So much hate in the world…..Need some more love. 2 cents delivered via Fedex Priority mail.

  8. The darkness truly fears the light!no matter how hard they try to put your light out you truly shine through! Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom! Dnt wry bout them u can’t fix stupid!

  9. Emmanuel Says:

    Hi Mr Greg I have been following you on you tube love the mode of your training and the art of self defense on Choson ninja and really love to be one your students kindly get in touch please and if you can email your number to me will definitely call you please

  10. If you people honestly are going to sit there, be fooled by his bullshit “humble” attitude (actual humble people don’t say they’re humble…), and completely ignore the evidence that he’s a fraud, then there’s literally no hope for any of you. You people don’t get why he’s being attacked? Because he’s a fraud and an outright liar. He breeds ignorance with every video he produces. There is literally zero evidence to support his “korean ninja” history bullshit, ask any actually reputable historian instead of blindly trusting some idiot wearing a knock off ninja custom in a video. It would be one thing to teach lies, it’s another to risk the safety of others. At the very least, Greg should be permanently banned from youtube.

    Why is this? Because he claims to be an expert in different martial arts that he barely knows anything about. It’s the equivalent of reading about a martial art in a book and then attempting to half-ass it by doing what you THINK is correct instead of what is actually correct. Once his idiot followers learn these techniques, they will incorrectly perform them in real life and get possibly injured.

    There was a video, that was promptly taken down by Greg after he realized how much of a fool he made of himself, of him demonstrating his sword technique on a cutting mat being held by a young boy in a wheel chair (who from I last heard, had quit Greg’s little cult of stupidity after realizing how much full of shit it was. He was actually one of Greg’s most devout followers as well, says a lot about his character). Greg literally came within an inch of slicing the boy’s arm off because of his moronic baseball bat-like swing with the sword.

    I’m sorry to say, but your little interview with him means nothing, considering that anyone can fake a professional and kind hearted demeanor. Learn for YOURSELF by looking up the facts after watching his so called “history videos” and techniques. Anyone with half a brain cell could figure out how much of a fraud he is. Simple as that.

    Some videos to start you people off, if any of you care to learn actual truth:

    One of my favorites of all time:

    Hmmm so greg’s so called “haters” are students and experts of actual reputable martial arts masters? What a coincidence!

  11. to all people that hate Greg Park. do some push ups and try to jumps like him or try to get a life. he may not be a ninja ( who the hell knows who is a ninja and what they do) but he is damn good what is does. This gay can slap any doubt out of any unbelievers, hahaha.

    Greg you are asset to human race.

  12. I like the videos and I want to know is there a class in North America for kids?

  13. I know Master Greg Park holds a fifth degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do under GrandMaster Ho Sik Pak (8th Dan) but what other Martial Arts qualifications does he hold AND who has taught him?

    I know he wants to be humble but I don’t think it would be bragging to list his obviously impressive credentials.

  14. I have been unable to contact Mr. Park but I would like to do so.

    • From what I know, Mr. Park is a private person (aside from his videos). I believe he is still on Facebook. You can either try to reach him there, or you can ask a question to us and we will see that he gets it.

  15. Abdullah Muhammad Says:

    I would to talk with Master Park where is his dojo

  16. I have been studying martial arts (the kyokushin and katori ryu traditions) for a long time, and I teach these as well. I went to the trouble of watching a series of greg parks videos and found him lacking in the fundamentals department. his training methods do not produce combative efficiency and in a street fight between his students and any high school bully my money is on the bully.

  17. I am a teacher of a very strong style of “martial art”. Combat training is most effective when taught outside of a “combat” mentality. It takes longer to obtain proficiency, but you obtain through proper training a much higher proficiency. If that is your objective, though, even I would turn you away as a student. A traditional art is not so much martial, but spiritual and developmental. Through this strength, all techniques become greatly effective. I stumbled across these videos tonight in search of something else. I do agree that a higher level of training be taught in person by someone qualified, as these developments can be quite dangerous if not checked. This man has much to teach, of which is not found very commonly in most places. Multiple styles is important, don’t limit yourself to a close mind (as this man states in many of his lessons) and most styles derive from a one (that’s been my understanding).

  18. Greg is the fraud who falsified a progeny of Japanese ninjya.
    His real name was Kuwanguik Park, and he was born in Korea.
    His parents are Koreans.
    There is not the traditional martial art called “Ninjutsu” in Japan.
    The martial arts that he taught a student are the lie Korean tradition martial arts that a Korean deteriorated Japanese martial arts after WW2.
    And it is the performance that a Korean forged based on the performance of the Japanese samurai movie.
    The history that he taught a student is all a story of the fiction movie.
    But the Korean government tells children it as a historical fact.
    And he employed a child as a tool of his trick.
    He always insisted on pious Christians, and he camouflaged a good person.
    (there is possibility of the Korean Christ cult in the church where he participated in)
    Until a beginning of this year, he called himself a negotiator of the Law farm.
    Greg “does not have a lawyer qualification toward me”
    He is missing.
    His old friend left him.
    His favorite phrase.
    “I do not teach a student a lie”

  19. Whether you hate him or not, ask yourself this question….can I do the things that he does and have accomplished what he has?? Whether you might say hes a fake or not, he can do some bad ass sh|t. Stop hatin on this man and get up and get yours! You wish you can do half the stuff he can!!

    • Students of Greg hated a lie and arrogance by him.
      I dislike him, too.
      This Stainless steel Ninjyato video of Greg is 2007.
      This ninjyato seems to be made in China which I can purchase for 50 dollars on the Internet.
      A lie of Greg of 2007.
      “I am a progeny of Japanese ninjya”
      “I succeed to all ninjutsu from an ancestor”
      “I am a Japan-Korea person of mixed parentage”
      “My ninjutsu is unrelated to Japanese traditional ninjya by Japan and mixture of China”
      “My ninjutsu teacher is Youtube and a commercial vide.

  20. He is a good guy. He reminds me of Korean-American golfers KJ Choi and James Hahn. Talented, kind and humble.

  21. Para quien no sabe esta respuesta el ninja es estudiante de todas las armas cada día aprende una nueva técnica marsial que adaptar a las ya aprendidas es creativo. E infalible. En Japón es considerado como el mejor e indicutible y respetado. a un en estos tiempos existen y sin saberlo hasta tu mejor amigo puede que sea un ninja.

  22. En este arte común Qué todo el mundo crea tener la verdad el camino correcto. pero sin embargo están siegos las artes marciales están en todas partes de nuestra vida cotidiana. Es sensiyo desir que los movimientos Qué asemos son para los sabios chinos artes marciales. El ninja fue creado para defensa de los umildes. Por la constante umillasion que sufrían por parte de los samurarais y criminales. Después se convirtió en un negocio. Al cobrar por sus servicios. Su reputasion es Hasta el día de oy la más alta. No ay nada que desir ante todos aquellos que se disen conosedores Y no puden ver lo que está en sus narices. El ( maestro choson ) es dicno de respetar. Solo de el se puden esperar. Cosas buenas. Su camino es correcto.

  23. The fraud camouflages an angel and deceives people.
    In Korean traditional society, the lie for self-profit is virtue.
    Therefore Greg does not recognize a lie as a crime.
    In the Korean society, the buck-passing is virtue, too.
    Greg insisted on fiction on net to a student as “a historical fact”.
    When a student knew the ridiculous lie, he made an excuse to a student.
    “It is responsibility of google which does not lead me to the right information”
    Greg insists on Beverly Hills residence in google.
    However, at the age of 2007 remain it, and he seems to live together with parents in an apartment of Craiishaw vld.

  24. I have always wanted to pay this gentleman a visit and study his art style. Does anyone know where his dojo is?

  25. Master Park is and always will be a great teacher. If the world had 10 more people like him, we probably would no longer need police, lawyers, or even traffic lights. This world would be a much better place for all of us to live in peace and harmony. Nobody is perfect but somebody here is trying to make a positive difference to help us all through this life. Please, shall we all learn from this man and set aside the unpleasant comments. He who has done nothing wrong, let him cast the first unpleasant comment.

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