What Is Taijiquan Like? | Feng Zhiqiang

Practicing Taiji is like enjoying a peaceful rest.

Practicing Taiji is like experiencing the sensation of Qi flowing smoothly & without obstruction through all the meridians.

Practicing Taiji is like the balancing of Yin and Yang.

Practicing Taiji feels like swimming in air.

Practicing Taiji is like a moving form of “Standing” skill.

Practicing Taiji is like using the body to draw beautiful Taiji diagrams.

Practicing Taiji is like drawing in the new (fresh Qi) & expelling the old (stale Qi).

Practicing Taiji is like the total relaxation of the body and mind.

Practicing Taiji is like repairing & healing the mind, body and spirit.

Practicing Taiji is like nourishing the body with the vast, upright Qi of the Universe.

Practicing Taiji is achieving the ultimate unification of Heaven, Earth & Man.

– Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang



Feng Zhiqiang (1925- ) is a grandmaster of the 18th generation of Chen Style Taijiquan and is considered the top student of 17th generation masters, Chen Fa-ke (Taijiquan) and Xinyi Grandmaster Hu Yuezhen.  To learn more about GM Feng, read this interesting interview (2000) from his disciple, Yang Yang, PhD’s website (here) or click the picture on the left for a detailed biography.

2 Responses to “What Is Taijiquan Like? | Feng Zhiqiang”

  1. In the last line of the poem, Moon should be replaced with Man or Beings. Thanks for posting this!

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