Martial Artists and ‘The Ego’ : Sifu Lee

A Martial Artist does not forever enhance this ego, he enhances it, & then he destroys it. He raises himself up, & then he lowers himself back down. He understands both.

He understands the ego way & he understands the way with no ego.

He knows how to be hard but he also knows how to be soft. He is gentle & sweet but he can be fierce when it is called upon for him to be fierce.  He does not enjoy seeing others suffer but he understands that at certain times others will need to suffer in order to grow.

Freddie Lee

[via FMK’s Facebook Profile]


2 Responses to “Martial Artists and ‘The Ego’ : Sifu Lee”

  1. You should know about ego because you have the biggest ego of anybody. You think you know more than you actually do. FMK is pure bullshit.

    • We ALL (every person, every martial artist) think we know more than we actually do – that is what can get us into trouble. The same goes with Ego… we all have one. But we certainly wouldn’t say that Freddie’s is the “biggest”. What is the saying, “When you point a finger, the other finger points at yourself”? Again, we appreciate you reading our blogs – but let’s please keep our comments constructive. Being a martial artist (if you are a fan of Bruce Lee) is “to honestly express oneself” – then why would you try to stifle that in Freddie?

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