5 Things I Hate About You(Tube)

As a self-defense and combatives instructor, I take my profession very seriously. I NEVER take myself too seriously though.

I work hard at researching the most logical methods of resolving the various risks and threats that arise in personal conflict and combat. When I see something that makes sense to me, I work at integrating it into my existing framework of combative options. It is a never ending journey.

One thing that always seems to get my goat (disclaimer: I have never actually owned a goat…but I met one once) is when I upload a new video highlighting a combative option or technique, and it gets flooded with ridiculous criticism.

Honest feedback, even if it is of a critical nature – is great. Criticism is how we can help each other get better. But there is a special breed of low-functioning person out there who makes it his mission to de-rail anyone following you on the path to personal protection.
I have identified several characteristics common to this type of individual to help you in your avoidance of them.

Not all of these individuals (we’ll call them “Mogwai”) exhibit all characteristics. However, a combination of any two of these traits is a clear sign that you are dealing with a Mogwai.

  1. Poor spelling and grammar. Usually a clear sign of the uneducated and lazy, in this case also caused by low-light conditions in their mother’s basement, impeding their vision and ability to properly use the keyboard.
  2. Usually male. Women don’t usually jump on the “I’m an insecure retard” train.
  3. Claiming that your “technique” will never work in real life. Usually followed by a comment that they have been in said situation several times before. Common phrases are: “Trust me, I’ve dealt with this many times” or “I know from experience…” I always follow up on these ones going to their profiles to see the correct way to do what I so clearly fucked up – and without fail, they never have a single video posted.
  4. Very insulting. They address you with terms such as: moron, idiot, stupid, gay homo faggot (sometimes all as one word). This is usually a result of them being insecure about themselves and their own training, and without the intellectual capability to logically address your video, they attack you as a person. For example, “You’re a moron if you think that stupid move would work. It would NEVER work…trust me, it’s happened to me several times before so I know from experience!”
  5. Sometimes a recent graduate of a competing system or style’s instructor certification course. A common one is Keysi Fighting Method, and most notably, Krav Maga (many KM practitioners can’t even agree on what Krav Maga really is). Also quite common are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and MMA pundits. See #4 for reference.

So there it is…a non-exhaustive list of traits that will help you identify a Mogwai.

In the field of combatives and self-defense, there are no absolutes (which, paradoxically, is itself an absolute). Most people I know that I would consider actual experts in the field are the most open-minded individuals you could hope to find. They understand that although everything may work, given certain variables; nothing works every time (because the variables always change).

Three people that I have talked with that are open like this are: Luke Holloway (Raw Combat International), Tim Larkin (Target Focus Training), and John Whitman (Krav Maga Alliance). There are many more, but that’s the short list.

Anyway, I hope this article helps you to navigate the murky waters of the interweb. It can help you determine who is worth spending your time on, and who is worth laughing at with your buddies over beer.

T.J. Kennedy

Hybrid Fighting Method


One Response to “5 Things I Hate About You(Tube)”

  1. Darren A. [via Facebook’s CombativeCorner Group]

    Great points all round!!! It’s so depressing after watching a great demo to see the miles and miles of petty comments that inevitably follow (armchair MMA enthusiasts are the worst, I’ve found, especially when it comes to traditional styles)… I for one am grateful that experienced instructors are able to offer such a wealth of knowledge in such an effective medium – forget the haters, keep spreading the knowledge!!!

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