Sifu Lee On The Art of Combat

Looks can be very deceiving. A person can look like he cannot fight but he may have been training in combat for many years & is very proficient. It is a tactical game of strategy. Like chess you can out beat a stronger, younger, faster, & more powerful opponent with your mind. Like swimming, just b/c a person looks unfit & out of shape it does not mean he is not proficient in swimming. A very fit healthy young man may not even know how to swim & end up drowning!

I have a respect for anyone who passionately trains in the Art of Combat for many years. Even if they may appear as if they know nothing, as if they cannot fight, I know they know something & that they are capable of defending themselves. You will never know if someone is good at Chess or Billiards simply by looking at his physique & judging his appearance. He may be a Master, & you will not know until you play with him some day. If someone owns a pool table, watch out, if someone plays chess often, watch out. If someone studies combat, watch out.

I see that in the Art of Combat, to be a true Master you must strive to perfect the body. You must strive to be a great athlete. If you watch the Olympics, for anything physical, you have to be extremely fit to get to that level of proficiency. Becoming proficient in the Art of Combat requires specialized physical training. It is different than training to be great at Football, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Baseball, etc. Yes you may be a great athlete, but if you are not specializing in exercises most practical for combat you will not be the most proficient in that craft.

Sifu Freddie Lee

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One Response to “Sifu Lee On The Art of Combat”

  1. Lewis King Says:

    I like your article Sir about Art of Combat.I think every big weight lifter out there that lifts only but can’t Punch there way out of a bag!! needs to read the Article, it might educate them on how to think! before jumping to conclusions that they have the fight won before it starts.
    Lewis King

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