Questions for Oleg “The Russian Bear” Taktarov?

Oleg “The Russian Bear” Taktarov, a UFC Champion, legendary MMA fighter, and now, ACTOR (i.e. Predators), has granted us an interview!  As Oleg is one of my top five MMA fighters of all-time, I have several questions that are set in stone (Yes, I have dibs)!

However, we at the Combative Corner would love to know what you’d like to ask Oleg.  This will most likely be done via video and therefore we will post it on our YouTube Channel as soon as it gets edited.

So make sure you’re subscribed to our channel.  (Our YOUTUBE)

Post your questions below!

3 Responses to “Questions for Oleg “The Russian Bear” Taktarov?”

  1. As far as I believe Oleg has never tapped. What is his philosophy on Tapping Out?

    Jbell – chartered sport psychologist

  2. Ahh yes – I recognized him in predators right away. It was cool to see.

    Looking forward to the questions.

  3. Alexis Martella Says:

    Does he have a good tolerance for pain? You never really see him hurting when someone punches him or when he’s bloody.

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