10 Questions with Tim Larkin [Video]



[Remembering our ‘Discussion’ post (here) about Gunmen]

Larkin says… “I look at it from a different standpoint.  We use our vision in two ways: focus vision & peripheral vision.  I look at it from a reaction standpoint.  If something’s happening now.. we’ll look mid-level on somebody.  The reason we are doing that is because… like right now I’m look at you.  You and I are engaged; my peripheral is disengaged and a lot of “social” happens in the fascial features and we get caught up in that.  I show my students this all the time, and they don’t think that’s the case.  I’ll watch them as they train and I notice a lot of time they’re “checking in” with each other before they go to their target area and put a strike in.

What I’ll do is I’ll give them all balaclavas and it takes away the face, so you just have the eyes going.  It’s amazing the change in people.  All of a sudden they’re not head-hunting anymore, they’re not social anymore, and it all just becomes available to them.  They’re seeing the targets and their reaction time increases immediately.

So, I guess my answer to you is – I want my peripheral so I can pick up movement as fast as possible.  So the last thing that I want is to engage the guy… but I don’t want to get into the psychological aspect of it… I don’t want to sit there and worry “oh jeez am I challenging him, am I doing this or any of that shit,” I just want my best ability to react to what we’re going on, so I can affect my injury at that point… if that’s what I think is going down.*

The above question was transcribed verbatim from our interview.


[ 00.10 ]  Who are you and what is it that you do?

[ 00:38 ] How is what you different from what you see others teaching?

[ 03:24 ]  What is the biggest obstacle for you in regards to instructing?

(additional question)[ 07:42 ] Regarding media video “Use of Force”

(additional question)[ 11:25 ] Regarding T.M.Artists & Self-Defense

[ 20:52 ]  How do you deal with all the negative criticisms directed at you and TFT?

[ 27:15 ]  Is there a difference between teaching men vs. women?  If so, what should be emphasized for each?

[ 29:54 ]  What are your thoughts on weapon training?  Should everyone that studies martial arts & self-protection (in your opinion) also study weapons?  If so, which ones and for what purpose?

[ 31:28 ]  What is essential in the early stages of learning self-protection?  Is it different if your teaching law enforcement or military?

[ 37:49 ]  How important is physical fitness in self-protection?

[ 40:08 ]  How does Tim Larkin like to spend his free time?

[44:21  ]  Do you make New Year’s goals?  If so, what are your goals for 2011?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

* Tim Larkin’s Website: TFT *  Related Article – Discussion #9 – “Gunmen”

11 Responses to “10 Questions with Tim Larkin [Video]”

  1. 1. I wholeheartedly agree with Tim when he talks about folks talking about the law. Look, I am 30 years in the law enforcment, military and security so I know the law. However, when you are getting your a$$ whipped or someone is trying to kill you the last thing I am thinking about is what the law is going to say. This comes from competent people in martial arts and even law enforcement, but they don’t have a clue. In a real Kill or Be Killed situation you have to kill or be killed. Simple as that. As Tim said, if you have been a victim of violence, and I have may times unfortunatley, then you understand what he is talking about. I have studied Tim’s system and it is the real deal. I am not saying it is the “super system” of the world, but it is a very good program.

    2. Tim stated that you do what you are trained to do in a fight and he is absolutely right. I have seen people do it time and time again. In stressful situations your training kicks in. I have said many times that you train like you fight. I have even called time out in a fight before. Unbelievable. You must train for combat to be in combat. The military is now training soldiers in MMA and BJJ type fighting. I think that is the bigggest mistake in the world.

    3. Totally agree with Tim that most people have not seen real violence. I have trained many that have now even been in a real fight. Doing real life situations I have seen some of the biggest and baddest freeze. The reality is nothing like your imagination. What I like about youtube is that there is a lot of videos that show real violence that does and can happen.

    4. I have been criticized many times for teaching folks how to kill. How it is irresponsible. Like Tim, I am not teaching you how to enter a tournament. I am trying to teach you how to save your life in a life and death situation where someone is trying to dseriously injure or kill you. What are you going to do, wrestle with him?

    • Thanks for your response Derek and welcome to the CombativeCorner! Please help spread the word about us, as we can’t wait to build a bigger family of amazing people like you. Peace. – CC

    • Agree 100%. You’re right, you’re not training for tournaments to win some trophy or purse, you’re fighting for your life or that of a loved one. Also in training the military in MMA and BJJ type of fighting, it just goes to show how easily people confuse entertainment fighting with real violence. 100% agree with you Derek.

  2. Tim L. [via Facebook]

    It’s rare I do video interviews. Combative Corner asked 10 provocative questions and I give my uncensored answers. I’m sure I’ll be kicked off a few Xmas card lists after this gets around…

  3. Jake P. [via Facebook]

    There are people left who still have you on their Christmas card list?

  4. Shawna R. [via Facebook]
    AMAZING interview!!!

  5. Tim I’ve been a doorman (bouncer) for the last 7 years here in London and all I can say is that all you’re stuff is the truth, it works and it works damn well.

    The mindset you teach and all the pheriperal work is extremely useful and I can only thank you for concepts and methods that have saved me many an injury.

    I’ve followed your stuff for about 10 years and please keep it coming!


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