Brutality In Martial Arts : “Ass-tral Projection”

The self-defense / combatives / martial arts industry is one full of brutality.  I am not talking about physical brutality, I am talking about the way instructors spout on about other instructors.  Most of us in this field have never been able to practice “live and let live”.  In listening to several audio courses and DVDs about leadership, growth, and so on – I have learned that typically we value other people based on the traits they exhibit that we also like in ourselves.  We also dislike people based on the traits they exhibit that we dislike in ourselves.

Essentially, our feelings and thoughts towards other people are based on how we view ourselves.  We basically project our positive and negative qualities onto people.  So, when I am slammed for no logical reason, I call it “ass-tral projection”.  The asses are projecting their crap onto me.  It happens to you; too…I am sure of it!

Recently, I have angered the martial arts gods which has earned me rabid emails detailing how much of a fraud I am.  This brings warm gooey feelings to my heart…, it really doesn’t.  I was actually directly called a “lamprey” on other “seasoned martial artists” that “spent decades getting to where they have gotten”.

I do try and market myself and my system (Hybrid Fighting Method) a lot, because we all live in a world system where in order to live the life we want, we need money to access the resources to make that life possible.  While I refuse to sacrifice quality in my programming for money – I still need to pay my bills and provide for myself and those depending on me.  It is not my concern whether or not people feel that I am getting more attention than them.  I am doing this because I believe wholeheartedly in the efficacy of the Hybrid Fighting Method – and HFM needs to be in people’s hands!

To me (and I will touch on this later in this article) a self-defense and combative system should be a delivery system for injury and/or escape.  Nothing more and certainly nothing less.  And I will explain after how this has influenced the Hybrid Fighting Method.  To be effective in self-defense, or in this case transferring the application of tactics and strategies to defend oneself does not – and CAN NOT take decades.  If it did we’d all be screwed.  Self-defense needs to be simple.  It’s really that simple!

Normally, I wouldn’t really care what people say – and I still mostly don’t…but in this one particular case it came from someone (who up until now) I have held in high esteem.  I have decided to write this article to go into painstaking detail about my credentials and experience.  That way, anyone who questions my validity can be referred to this article on any of the many forums it will be available on.  As my girlfriend can attest to, I hate having to repeat myself, and so I will take the time to write this once and only once.  If anyone badgers on about my lack of credibility send them here – because I am going to expose myself 100% completely, holding nothing back.  Judge for yourself whether or not you want to learn from me.

T.J. Kennedy

T.J. Kennedy’s Full Credentials [click here]

9 Responses to “Brutality In Martial Arts : “Ass-tral Projection””

  1. [By: Gord W- via Facebook]
    It is sad that so many martial artist think their way is the”best”. Or that their art is 500 years old so it is more “legit”. 500 years ago I would ride a horse to work now I drive a car – things change. Some of the “newer” arts like Krav Maga and BJJ are not that old and are more “evolving” ( stuff I did in BJJ 5 years ago has evolved already ). Or I trained under “Grand Master so & so ” so what. These “masters” are people too – they make mistakes too. If you are “unconditionally loyal ” you are in a cult. There are only so many ways to punch, block, kick or defend a knife to the throat. Most Reality based self defense systems “borrow” from others what is most practical. TJ you have done what I and many others have too – taken what you have learned and tried to evolve it and with it – to come up with something better. Everyone who is the head of their RBSD system trained or started in something else before they “developed” what they do and teach. Keep at it TJ !

  2. [By: Kasey K- via Facebook]
    Nice, and honorable. Any teacher who is unwilling to give detailed info on his background has a reason to hide his background. Keep up the good work. Haters gotta hate. Meat eaters regulate. (wow I got all gangsta at the end there weird)

  3. [By: Parves A- via Facebook]
    Hey brother…. two words…. “f*’k ’em”…. the MA world is FULL to the brim of jerk-offs…. you don’t need to prove yourself, your videos say enough…. so yeah…. f*k ’em – i am sick to death of MA politicians and their sheep…. if you see any…. whether held in high esteem or not… just shin kick ’em between the legs… that’s all these tossers deserve…. keep enjoying the things you love to do in peace bro 🙂

  4. [By: Mike B – via Facebook]
    At the end of the day you gotta feel good about yourself..if you do then screw the naysayers. I went my own way as well TJ, and so have many of our mutual friends and acquaintances. So many are fixed on the politics and the shit talk that they lose focus on whats truly the goal…and the goal is the journey. Founders always piss off the masses because the masses are followers. Being a follower isn’t a bad thing and if that’s another’s choice I respect it..but being a founder is not an option for some (dang sure wasn’t for me). Then you have the challenge brigade..guys who want you to come and put it on the line against them…Ever wonder why they want you to come to them? it’s easy..they know your not coming out o pocket to go and fight a never will be…if they want it bad enough they need to kick in the dollars, hop a flight and come get some. They don’t and won’t..because if you come you can rest assured that steel, lead and everything else I can muster will be involved..when they challenge they see a match..I see someone crazy as a loon who wants to hurt me..and that scares me, hence I amy be forced to defend my life..and in so doing take theres or at the very least cripple them but good. So TJ in your own proud of what you you I do my thing and let the naysayers bark away…like little lap dogs jealous of a founder who simply gives his own work higher it should on young buck…I got your back if and when you need me to…..something tells me your capable as a .45 slug at point blank

  5. [By: Nat M- via Facebook]
    So my friend…you do understand why I have such an abundance of respect for you, and those that share the intrinsic attributes you exhibit and write about? Fantastic article!

  6. [By: Nikolaj J- via Facebook]
    ou can’t please everyone so don’t lose sleep trying…

  7. [By: Steve M- via Facebook]
    Teej, you know I have a very high level of respect and admiration for you. I consider you my brother. I feel very blessed we are colleagues, as well. I learn from you all the time and you are man of excellent character. The stone the builders rejected became the keystone. If someone nitpicks, it’s usually because they are jealous or feel threatened. Just keep doing what you do because you have tons of supporters and fans in your corner!

  8. T J people are critical of what they fear or do not understand, they will also stay “tuned” trying to figure it out. In the end those that learn will appolgize for the first. keep kicking

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