HFM Vs. Krav Maga

The Hybrid Fighting Method (HFM) is a self-defense and fighting system forged in an urban environment. HFM is brutally effective, and it will make sure you survive a violent encounter.

When people watch the videos I have posted on YouTube, or when they watch classes – it often draws comparisons to Krav Maga. I have even been challenged that HFM is no different from Krav Maga, and is just a plagiarism of it.

This article is to explain how this is not the case.

First of all, I fully acknowledge that my background is in Krav Maga, and that there are many shared traits between KM and HFM.

But, through my years of training and teaching KM, I saw many things that could have been tweaked or changed altogether to make the system more effective for a larger audience.  Krav Maga (at least how I was taught) was very rigid and the training methods didn’t allow for much improvisation.  So, I began incorporating elements of other systems I had learned, and something new began to take shape.

Think of this analogy. Back in the early 1800s in the United States of America, there had been nearly half a million slaves brought over from Africa. They brought with them their culture, which included traditional African music.  The Caucasian Europeans that lived in the US brought with them classical music.  Over the next century, the slaves, also being influenced by the European classical music, began incorporating it into their own African music. Before long, what emerged was what we now call “jazz”.

Is jazz classical music? No. Is jazz African music? No. Jazz is a new form of music, related to both Classical and Traditional African, but also entirely different from both.

Similarly, human beings evolved from primates – and we share over 98% of a primate’s DNA. But you would never say that human beings ARE primates!  We share many similarities, but are very different things.

This is how HFM differs from Krav Maga. It shares some of its “DNA”, but has evolved to become and entirely new entity.

And by the way, as a devout music lover, I can appreciate classical music and traditional African music – but my REAL passion is jazz!

Just sayin’.


Intro to HFM /  DVD Sample 1* / DVD Sample 2 * /



* T.J. Kennedy is in the process of making available a self-defense instructional dvd series that will be available shortly at his website, HybridFightingMethod.Com.  Don’t forget to Subscribe to the CombativeCorner – we’ll make sure you know the second it becomes available.

18 Responses to “HFM Vs. Krav Maga”

  1. [By: Cristiano S – via Facebook]
    Well said Bro!

  2. [By: Mike M- via Facebook]
    Ooh-Rah Brudah!!

  3. [By: Damien A- via Facebook]
    personally, I am sick to death of “commercial martial arts”….

    People only want a name. Not experience.

    Just like, here in London, I know people who will NOT even entertain your club unless you have videos on the net and a flashy website.
    (both replace skill, ya know?)

  4. [By: Lucas C- via Facebook]
    Hey TJ first I thought you didn’t have a blackbelt in anything and I was sure you only did one phase. I don’t think you should even be able to compare the two. Krav maga is one of the few systems to evolve maybe you didnt spend enough time in it but I think you are mistaken. And yes some of the techniques you are using work for you but would they work for everyone is they key.

  5. Hey Luke, I think you missed the point of this article. I am not knocking Krav. I like Krav. And the reason I altered it was BECAUSE of it’s efficacy for everyone. HFM will work for more people than Krav, in my opinion.

    And you are right, I did one phase in Philadelphia. I learned the rest of the system from Ed, Gord, Steve, and Aubrey. I also went on to to CKM (yes, I know…but some of it is actually very good).

    Besides, the most important classroom is real life – which I am a graduate of. I have the scars on my body to go with the stories I share. I have seen violence, and I have been able to apply things in REALITY. Do I have a black belt? Nope, and I have never said that I did. I have never made any fraudulent claims or lied about my experience. My “belt” was earned from applying my tactics and strategies and techniques in real life…which is the only black belt test that actually matters.

    If you want to comment on HFM, you are entitled to do so. Just make sure you don’t limit yourself to what you see on YouTube…which is all you’ve actually seen at this point.

    And no disrespect, but you have been bouncing for 1 or 2 years now, and have also been teaching Krav Maga at Premier Martial Arts for how long now? Since you were 16? And I don’t know how much stock I put in your Karate black belt you received when you were….14? 15? You just turned 21 right?

    Again, you are welcome to comment, criticize, etc, etc…But those that have seen my system and that have real world experience (guys that are or were in the USMC, federal corrections officers, bouncers, other combative instructors) can clearly see HFM’s efficacy.

    Everyone’s allowed to make up their own mind. And I invite everyone to do just that.

    Now, please, kindly lick my balls.

  6. Epic failure in regards to the article’s comment of human beings evolving from primates…

  7. Creationist? Irrelevant to the article, the point is still made, no?

  8. Epic failure to those that say “epic failure.” And just so we all have our facts straight….

    The chimpanzee and the human’s parted company in evolution about 6 million years ago from a common ancestor. I repeat, “Common ancestor.” Both of their genomes have been completely sequenced. These are FACTS.

    So T.J.= correct. You might even say “epically correct.”

  9. [By: Brian O- via Facebook]
    No explanation is necessary. HFM’s efficacy speaks for itself. Next time, just say “lick my balls” and move on to more productive things – like developing HFM’s “Secret Techniques” DVD. 😉

  10. [By: Lucas C – via Facebook]
    Wow…. profesional. For a guy who did one course 6 years ago you seem to know alot about Krav Maga. Switching to a made up system doesn’t count for any thing. Ultimatly, neither does making up your own. You spend one year in every martial art you try until you find out you cant cut it. Now you can hide behind the veil of Hybrid Fighting Method and act like your training is diverse. When at the end of the day you have beginner skills in a few martial arts which sounds like a student more then an instuructor.

    Have a good day

    If you want to discuss further message me and i’ll give you my number

    • [By: T.J. K- via Facebook]
      Breaking Point MMA and CrossFit on Harvester Rd. in Burlington. Come anytime, my schedule is posted on their website at breakingpointmma.com

      But if you come, mean it. Otherwise, keep doing whatever it is you were doing for the last few years you haven’t bothered to speak to me or find out what I’ve been up to.


  11. [By: Levi W- via Facebook]
    Stop all the hating. No one owns the truth, all we have are opinions.

  12. [By: T.J. K- via Facebook]
    Much respect to Lucas for stepping up, calling me and meeting for a quick coffee and put this to rest. That took some guts which he clearly has.

    Seriously Luke, you earned a great deal of respect from me tonight.

  13. [By: Damien A – via Facebook]
    There is one thing I’d like to add to this….

    Back home, about 18 years ago, I watched a video series on self-defense by a guy, whose name escapes me at the moment, who, as it turned out….. never studied a single martial art in his life.
    He did attend one or two classes and a seminar here and there… just enough to find out that most of these “martial arts” were total bullshit and useless.

    He had no “lineage”, no belts, no trophies..he had none of the bollocks people require to justify their existence.
    Yet, what he had on these tapes were pretty damned impressive.

    What he DID have was actual experience.
    Not military or anything exotic…. he had everyday, in the bar, down the street..in the park…experience in fighting.

    This man KNEW what surviving and, giving, an ass-whoopin was all about.

    He didn’t learn from some “champion” or from some McDojo syllabus…He learned from the neighborhood he lived in.

    But, alas, he didn’t last very long in the public eye because he refused to compromise his principles, kiss the right ass and he blatantly pointed out other *names* in their selling of bullshit.

    Just because it has a name doesn’t mean it’s good.

    Also, *is your system good for everyone*….
    No such thing. Period.
    THAT is nothing more than a bullshit marketing ploy.

    Is there was anything *for everyone*… the entire world would have a black belt in it.

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