10 Questions with Steve Kardian

Steve Kardian is, perhaps, the nation’s most sought-after expert in the field of women’s safety, crime prevention and risk reduction.  Michael Joyce of the CombativeCorner got to sit down with Steve (via Skype) and ask him the questions that YOU wanted to hear.  For more information on Steve, visit his website by clicking on his picture above.  For his Youtube Channel [click here] Twitter [here].  Watch the full interview (below) or here.


“A predator has a gun on you, what model should you follow (look away/comply/etc)?”

The worst thing you can do is make eye contact in such a way that the predator perceives it as a challenge.  Remember, you’re dealing with a different element… someone’s got a weapon on you or if robbery is their motive you’re making a business transaction.

If you show fear and he picks up on that fear, you’re in deep trouble.  I’ve interviewed murders; people that have killed people because thy have begged for their life.  They see it as such as weakness.  In prison it’s a badge of honor to kill – in their mind ‘some weak punk’ that begs for his life.  So every situation is different.  It’s hard to give a general answer, but I’ll give an example of what I tell the women –

They’re like, “Well, I know I’m walking down the street” and “I know I feel that somebody’s watching me.”  And we know it only takes 7 seconds for a predator to come on the scene and identify his soft target.

So as you walk by, give him a glance, NOT a stare.  It could be perceived as a challenge.  By doing so, you eliminate about 50% of his game, which is the element of surprise.  And then, when you walk past, just glance back – you don’t even have to look at him, just let him know that you know he’s there.

Again, every situation is different.  If he’s in front of you, make it a business transaction.  It’s a robbery, give him your money, but never ever, EVER allow him to buy you or take you to a secondary location.  The results are unforgiven.


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5 Responses to “10 Questions with Steve Kardian”

  1. [By: Rita P- via Facebook]
    absolutely Loved the interview! You really elevate the awareness and resolution of this issue. Thank you~

  2. [by: Lynne B- via Facebook]
    What a great interview! Absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing Steve!

  3. The rigth of the people to be secure in their person; Steve, each of your answers were good. I applied the answer # 10 for myself. THANK YOU

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