Silva: Kick Felt Round The World : UFC® 126

Anderson “The Spider” Silva, now with a career record of 28-4-0, appears, only when not completely bored, invincible.  Vitor Belfort (19-9-0), stood a chance (however small) of de-throning Silva last night at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada until, at 3 minutes 25 seconds (of Round 1) a front kick by Anderson was perfectly placed into and up under “The Phenom’s” chin.

The question arose long again, and continues, “Can Silva be stopped?”  Discussions are starting behind the scenes for a Super Match between Silva and George “Rush” St. Pierre.  This shall prove to be the fight of the decade.  Will Silva be able to make it look easy? Again?

The CombativeCorner is eager to hear everyone’s thoughts!

The results of the other fights were as such:


Forest Griffin / Rich Franklin / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Jon Jones / Ryan Bader / 2 / 4:20 (Submission-Choke)

Jake Ellenberger / Carlos Eduardo Rocha / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Miguel Torres / Antonio Banuelos / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Donald Cerrone / Paul Kelly / 2 / 3:48 (Submission-Choke)

Chad Mendes / Michihiro Omigawa / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Demetrious Johnson / Norifumi Yamamoto / 3 / 5:00 (Decision)

Paul Taylor / Gabe Ruediger / 2 / 1:42 (KO- Kick)

Kyle Kingsbury / Ricardo Romero / 1 / 0:21 (TKO)

Mike Pierce / Kenny Robertson / 2 / 0:29 (TKO)

One Response to “Silva: Kick Felt Round The World : UFC® 126”

  1. My money is on GSP. After he defeats Jake Shields at UFC 129 in April, I can’t wait for the Silva/St. Pierre fight announcement.

    On a side note…Jon Jones versus Mauricio Rua is going to be amazing!!!

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