Our “Meditations On Violence”

A Comparison of Martial Arts Training & Real World Violence

Sgt. Rory Miller’s book (his website ), has been a popular read for those of us in the martial arts world.  Particularly those of us that teach self-protection and seek to understand the reality of violence (at least on an intellectual level) without having to seek the hazardous (potentially deadly) real-life experience of violence in-action.  While it is very true that many martial artist today (especially those teaching people how to survive) need a reality check.  Katas, technique, and even trying to condition ourselves for the “unknown” may be vain attempt to (as I put it) “feel comfortable in our own skin.”  While there are lots this book that I liked, there were some parts that I, still, am a little unsure about.  Below are three examples from the book that I would like there to be a discussion on. [click on the pic to find it on Amazon]

Please offer your comments below

(from pg. 6) –my comment in brackets

They (martial artists) teach self-defense and sparring and streetfighting and fitness and personal development, as if they are the same thing.  They aren’t even related.

[Not even related?]

(from pg. 66)

– When the physiology is kicked into higher, more animalistic ranges, the trained fighter is often unprepared. –

[Compared to an untrained fighter? Just because a trained fighter has “more to lose” I don’t personally believe (0r should I say, I’m not yet convinced) that an untrained person is “more” prepared.  I say this is highly individual.]

(from pg. 81)

-If you get an opportunity to leave, leave.  EVEN IF IT MEANS LEAVING YOUR FAMILY BEHIND.  Your information from the inside may make a huge difference in tactical operations.-

[To me, personally, leaving IS a good idea… if this is an episode of 24 and CTU has no leads.  The need to protect (especially in males) is software that cannot be overwritten (in most cases).]

What are your thoughts everyone?  The Lines are open….

4 Responses to “Our “Meditations On Violence””

  1. Bruce b Smith Says:

    There are rules to fights, but from the L.E. point of view you can do something you know will end it but may get you fired and or sued. How you define each of those kind of dictates the response

  2. Agreed, self-defense is not the same as sparring…is not the same as “fighting” or “streetfighting”…is not the same as personal development. But yes, they are very related.

    “The trained fighter is often unprepared.” Also agreed. That is why adrenal stress inducing drills are so important. An untrained person even more so unprepared.

    “If you get an opportunity to leave, leave. EVEN IF IT MEANS LEAVING YOUR FAMILY BEHIND. Your information from the inside may make a huge difference in tactical operations.” Ummm….what is the conext here? I he suggesting that you say “fuck it” and leave your family to die? If so, what a douchebag. But I am thinking this is not the case. There must be some grander context that I am missing.

  3. Bruce b Smith Says:

    Even though the information may help, I have always believed and will family first. second giving up ground only enboldens, as a great american General once sais “nuts” when asked to surrender.

  4. RE fighting, fitness, sparring, etc – Externally they are similar, internally they are unrelated. The external differences show in a difference of focus and energy.
    The “LEAVE YOUR FAMILY BEHIND” came out of the hostage scenario where you and your family are hostages. So it makes sense in such a case.
    I see Sgt. Miller’s book as a “must read” for anyone seriously into the martial arts, self-defense, police work, and military hand to hand combat.

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