Dreaming Big

This post may appear a bit off-topic, but I shall boldly say “on the contrary!”  Those of us in the martial art world understands that it’s far more than athletic skill, technical or martial skill that makes the martial artist great.  Ultimately, all we do, we do to develop the person.  This development, in my opinion should start young, and should include this book.

The author, Dallas Clayton is a chap that I (Joyce) grew up with back home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Little did I know that he would grow up (maybe “growing up” is the wrong term), move to California, start a family, and write a book.

Now, of course everybody can write a book these days, but let me ask you, who do you know that would write a kid’s book, make it available FREE-TO-READ online, and create a foundation that not only helps kids to “Dream Big,” but that donates one book per book it sells?  The answer is Dallas Clayton… author of An Awesome Book.  An Awesome Book and his second, A Book of Thanks is available from his website, A VERY AWESOME WORLD.

Cause you’re the one whose dreams can be… whatever dreams you want… whose dreams can change the way things are… and the way that things are not. (read book)

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