The Unfair Advantage

It is incredibly hard to say what one system or style influenced me the most. But if I really think about it, it would probably be Krav Maga.

My formative years in martial arts, as well as a self-defense instructor started with Krav Maga. It shaped how I train, how I look at combatives, and allowed me to really grasp the concept of a ‘principle-based’ system.

In my creation, the Hybrid Fighting Method, I started with the foundation of Krav Maga, and altered/adapted it with my other experience to get what it is today.

The main points of Krav Maga that influenced me are as follows:

  1. Techniques should be able to be used by ANYBODY. So things have to be simplified enough that a chimp could apply them.
  2. The key is survival, so fancy and/or unnecessary things are discarded.
  3. It is better to have one solution for many problems, than to have a different solution for each problem. This makes it easier to defend yourself when under duress.

So, while the Hybrid Fighting Method differs vastly now from Krav Maga, its influence is still felt and it’s “spirit” lives on.

T.J. Kennedy
HFM Founder & Chief Instructor
Hybrid Fighting Method – The Unfair Advantage

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