10 Questions With Luke Holloway

The Combative Corner is proud to introduce you to a guy that is (and has been) making a big name for himself in the field of close quarter combatives, security, crisis response and risk management (Law Enforcement / Military / Special Forces).

The Combative Corner became aware of Mr. Holloway through his many channels on YouTube (TeamWuJin, RCI Japan, Raw LEO Combatives, and more!).  Luke Holloway is the founder of Raw Combat International and is now in 24 countries.  Find out more about this extraordinary teacher at his websites Luke-Holloway.Com and Raw-Combat.Com.

Now… for our exclusive interview!  Enjoy.


What brought you to teaching tactical self-prtotection?

I was simply sharing tactics based on my experience in my job (event/club security, protection, investigations and risk management consulting). I guess I just attracted a bunch of like minded people who saw it necessary to develop and maintain such skills. I never meant to create a ‘system’ or anything like that but people just started watching me on youtube (which was up for local students benefit in the beginning) and then I started to get asked to share things in many places (19 countries in the past couple of years).  As certified by the Australian Government in Risk Management, Security, Protection, Crisis Management, Sports Coaching and Work Place Training & Assessment (etc) I was able to structure things pretty easily.. things kinda just.. fell into place.

You’re currently in Shinjuku, Japan.  Where did you grow up and what brought you to Japan?

I’m in Japan because of a circumstance which I won’t go into for protection of my own privacy & personal security if that’s ok.  But I’d worked here before and spoke the language before I re-located here after doing a bit in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.  I am originally from Queensland, Australia and grew up hunting/shooting and doing not much-else then that and martial arts.. hahaha, a sheltered childhood maybe??  lol.. just wasn’t into football or anything like that really…

What’s the biggest obstacle for you as a self-defense instructor?

Training civilians with ‘too’ much experience.  I think every instructor knows what I mean.  Although I just see myself as sharing what I got, people need to understand that martial arts and tactical training are two COMPLETELY different things! I don’t care if you put the words ‘Tactical’ or ‘Commando’ or ‘Combat’ or ‘Extreme’ or whatevers goin’ on these days, you can take one look and know it’s shit! Most of our members or active operatives in Security, Law Enforcement/Customs or Military including Japans newest Special Forces Group (CRF). I know what backgrounds, what training they have and what training they need to be able to respond to incidents effectively in a professional manner and therefore it’s easier to ‘train’ them.. but civys with a chip on their shoulder about doing a krav maga seminar and 2 kickboxing lessons I don’t have much time for to be honest. Too many shit dribblers! Talking about how they do ‘military martial arts’ or some shit how they are a ‘bodyguard’ yet don’t know the first thing about personal security concepts as they just mentioned their wife’s name, their kids names, where they live and where they’re from.. (displaying the fact that they don’t have a clue about any of the BASICS of protection on a professional level) I got all I need now to find them if I need to, lol.. just a waste of my time!

The fact is professionals, as in cops/military don’t need to know the style’s master, a bunch of foreign terms and how to wear pajamas and act as ‘in character (asian dress up party) as possible to learn how to survive the streets! They don’t need Jurus/Katas they need drills to become skills that they can employ immediately! Don’t get me wrong, I love martial arts, but I accept it for what it is and even though I live in Japan, I got no interest in trying to become the last Samurai! lol, but on the other hand I’m not one of these guys that loves to sit there and talk about how shitty martial arts techniques are but have no real answers myself..Trying to ‘prove techniques wrong’ is a waste of time I think, especially if you haven’t learned the foundational elements nor had to adapt and employ it in the field… other than that, yeah I got no time to talk about shit cos I’m too busy training! Feel me?

What would your reason for the “Streetfighter”/RBSD practitioner to learn a softer art such as Tai Ji Quan?

I don’t see myself as a ‘street fighter’ or this or that, my name’s Luke, I’m from the land down under and I don’t cop shit from anyone! That’s how it is, in my world; Respect is the only currency! I give everyone a dollar in the beginning, they sit there and expect the world and don’t show any real appreciation, gratitude or consideration but when it comes time for them to ask me for that dollar back I say ‘Sorry mate, but you only got 10 cents left in your account’.. and leave it at that!

I’ve dealt with armed attacks on myself and clients/patrons in public and also in private and I am training tactics that rely on assertiveness with committed, controlled aggressiveness and intimidation! That’s how I am, I made up my mind in the beginning that I refuse to be the victim!

As for Taiji, if you train push hands you learn to move/deal with any line of force/tension and or ‘energy’ (without being cosmic about it, let’s just say ‘gravity’).. So the expression of the ‘technique’ is irrelevant if you are truly ‘listening’.. not waiting but LISTENING (what you technicians like to refer to as ‘ting-jing’) which is making use of your hightened sense of awareness to expand that awareness through your own structure and into your opponents.. Now, I know I’m probably loosing more than half the people reading this by now so I can go back to being gutter mouthed sharp shootin’ Aussie! It’s simple: Control yourself and you can control your opponent (if you TRAIN how to).. knowing how is one thing but maintaining your skills and awareness levels is another thing! In short Taiji has helped me BIG TIME in shooting, grappling and restraining, contain & removal in the field; Simply because you train to deal with anything in an instinctive, natural/fluent and appropriate manner! The biggest misconception about taiji is that it’s some sort of spiritual cosmic bull shit and that you need to try and be more asian then the next fella to be able to do it/teach it. I stopped wearing the pajamas (guilty but I admit I once did, come on.. we were all brain washed at one point lol) once I started push hands and found that it saved my arse more than a few times in the field wearing gear and all!

What is one of the hardest things to teach (in your opinion)?

Kids classes!

hahaha, I’m a parent my self so I’m very passionate about kids becoming self reliant and making the right choices in life and of courses making their personal security a priority a long with training self protection (self defense is just not being pro-active enough as they train to wait for the attacks). I started teaching in the year 2000 and I’ve found that doing kids classes is very rewarding and enjoyable but hard to maintain your personal life/space as parents try and get involved or try and get you involved in their shit fights etc.. it’s quite hard to maintain a balance sometimes..

The other hardest thing to share with people is Taiji, it really just takes patience and commitment like no other art, but the mental, emotional and of course physical benefits are like no other.

What are some of the things you’d want every woman to know about personal self-protection?

As I work a lot as a security consultant advising corporations and most recently even regiments on risk management/crisis responses and prevention planning it is quite easy to give advice to women because most of them don’t know to start.. You can see it when they walk.. put yourself in a stalkers shoes, does she walk with intent? Does she look like she’s off with the fairies (day dreaming)?  Any other indications of being an easy target such as: Ipod, mobile phone being used, dark street she has chosen to take, etc?

The main thing is not setting a pattern and preventing stalkers (who have the potential to become kidnappers/rapists and other scum that just haven’t stepped over the line yet but are heading towards it with intent). Making privacy protection a priority ie – not adding people you don’t know on facebook (etc) when you put up your whole life on there including where you are at what time (like anyone gives a shit).. actually it’s funny cos a lot of these dudes who are ‘Tacti-coool’ trainers don’t obey basic principals of privacy protection/personal security either.. again, jokes in my book! But yeah, it’s not about learning mad martial arts skills it’s about using your head! Martial arts requires maintenance where as personal protection requires simple common sense, sometimes you just gotta show them how to develop that.. Can I leave that one there for now?  I think it’ll go on way too long! hahaha, sorry..

We’ve noticed from your videos that you enjoy knifeplay.  What is the draw?  And do you feel that knife drills are important for every “serious” self-protection student?

It’s like this, people in the UK ask my why I bother with it and people in the US ask my why don’t I show more of the ‘tactical stuff’ on youtube (free)?   Well, it’s the situation and the impacting factors (as always!) but think about this, even if you aren’t carrying a knife and you do disarm it/one and you don’t have a clue about survival tactics (with the knife, I’m not talking about martial arts – screw that for the time being)/ Weapon Retention it’s probably more dangerous to you than it is the assailant. Plus, our knife work is adapted to house hold utensils, pens, screwdrivers you name it, we’ll use it when necessary! Don’t get me wrong, again, I love martial arts but I’m a big white guy in the line of work who needs urban survival skills for myself AND others! I’m not a little asian guy and I don’t try to be! I don’t play dress ups anymore, I live in the real world and have had to deal with real shit.  Anyone else seeing what I see has woken up to them selves!

What has your experience (thusfar) as a full time trainer taught you?

Shit, I don’t know where to begin, off the top of my head (like the rest of these answers) I guess just being able to deal with different people..

I have taught security, law enforcement, customs and military/SF in more countries then I ever imagined visiting and when you look at different people in different jobs from different countries you get a pretty good variety. A lot of positive things have come of it; Patience, Tolerance, Flexibility and I guess another big thing is not giving a shit anymore.. by that I mean I used to care what people think about me/my material and now I’ve got bigger things in my life to be concerned with. Kids talking shit on the internet doesn’t mean much to me, they’re the one’s loosing sleep over it all! hahaha

What are your thoughts regarding Traditional Martial Art form work?  In your opinion, do they help or hinder a practitioner’s ability to react spontaneously with the proper intent?  If so, do you feel there should be a short, CQC (close quarter combat) form or kata?


I do not believe that Kata/Jurus helps you with that at all! Not only is there no-one in-front of you, there’s no situation/incident which is spontaneous/random/intimidating/un-fair etc.. However, it’s like pad work.. it just develops a certain skill. In Chinese arts we do forms (Taolu) and in my southern training a lot of it was based on developing intrinsic energies within the body which create explosive power, in Japanese arts it’s kata and all about basics being reliable (however in my jujutsu training here in Japan there was never kata) in SE Asian (Malaysian/Indonesian/Filipino) we have Jurus and to me they are much more realistic (as they are more savage when the Buah ‘application’ is trained) but still are limiting.  And this is why we do a lot of scenario based simulation training with no rules/limitations (mind you I’ve lost the same tooth twice doing it recently haha) but it’s worth it, well worth it! I sometimes still train my tonglong forms/drills cos they rip the shit out of you and develop and insane amount of energy but I don’t bother with Jurus much anymore, I’m not a muslim nor an asian so I don’t pretend to understand the ‘cultural benefits’, when I’m in SE Asia training Silat I simply follow and of course appreciate whatever is shared with me, weather it be ‘the deep dark secrets of jungle blade arts or a nice meal and tea, but my own personal training has a different objective. Today, I’m still training taiji, regardless of what anyone says – it’s the real deal.. unfortunately it will take most people until they are in there 50s (no longer to do what they can now and have to look at an alternative) to realize/appreciate that.

Where does Luke Holloway see himself 10 years from now?

Everyday brings new things/beings and situations into your life that will effect you, I try and make the best out of every situation.

So I’m just crusin’ along seein’ what’s goin’ on… make sense? As long as I have the health and safety of me and my family, I’m not too bothered about what I’m doing. Of course I’m passionate about it, but I’d be just as happy to be doing other things that are positive and productive for me – it’s not about leaving a ‘legacy’ or ‘being remembered as this or that.’ I couldn’t care less! I’ve have met wonderful people and had a wonderful time appreciating everyday and making the most of it, if it ended tomorrow I’m still content, if I’m still doing it in 10 years and we are still happy and healthy we are blessed.

Bonus Questions: We just recently had a Roundtable Discussion.  The question was “What’s your favorite (martial art/inspirational) book that you OWN, and why?”

I collected martial arts books in high-school/college and realized they were all B.S. when I started in my profession, that was even further supported when I saw a lot of those clowns on youtube. In a book, you can say what you want and show what you want in slow motion and make yourself out to be anyone, from anywhere doing anything… same in MA mags which are total B.S. these days, they have ‘Halls of fame’ Bwhahahaha, what a joke! The ‘famous’ guys are the ones who have spent over 10 grand on advertising with them. I advertised in a magazine once and before then no matter how much I tried they wouldn’t put my material in their news or do a story or anything.  If it’s not profitable, they are not interested, which is fair enough. But I went home earlier this year and I don’t have any idea why but I brought a magazine (MA) and it’s still got the same fat guys in pajamas talking the same shit about how ‘samurai’ they are or how their lineage is more ‘correct’ or how ‘scientific’ their techniques are.  It’s all a big joke to me and so are books in most cases! I would rather read someone’s story and get into the guy’s head if I wanted to learn from him.  A recent book I have is called ‘The Art of Deception.’ It is full of case stories about one of the worlds best hackers and manipulators of the human element of security through social engineering.  It re-enforced that I am on the right path as a consultant & active operative but also gave me the chance to see it from another point of view, the criminals.

I’m sorry mate, that’s probably not really what you wanted to hear and I know a lot of people may be offended by some of the things I’ve said.  In my experience it usually means I’ve hit the nail on the head and that nail was on their weak spot!  But nothing is mean to be in vain or offensive, you asked my opinion on things and I gave it, I hate preachers and shit dribblers so I refuse to be/act like one.

Anyhow, I’d like to say thank you and the Combative Corner for giving me the chance to be heard.

Bless you all.


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  1. Luke, dude…I’m with you on the respect thing! It is #1. And man, great interview. Cheers!!

  2. Hey M8
    Im happy you liked the book !!
    and got around to read it !!

    Great interview !!

    …/ Most Respectfully …. Lars.

  3. hay!.. are you on twitter…? follow…

    • Don’t think Luke is on Twitter, however “Mobacast” on Twitter follows & posts Luke’s videos. Downside, it’s in Japanese. But you can always follow (if you haven’t already – CombativeCorner. Thanks for commenting!

  4. martial art styles…

    10 Questions With Luke Holloway «…

  5. There is an ongoing investigation into Luke Holloway’s credentials as a trainer and instructor.

    I recommend anyone who is considering taking his courses please read the information in the link and make up your own mind. Before spending any money on a course that is supposed to protect you in a potentially life threatening situation … make sure you do your research. Any instructor worth his/her salt will have no problem giving you the (verifiable) information you need to make a clear decision.

    Here are the links


    • [The above comment by “Bulls” has been modified by CombativeCorner.Com]

      The CombativeCorner stands behind Mr. Holloway for many reasons, first of all for his quality of instruction and his hold-nothing-back teaching style.
      Whether or not someone has “credentials” does not mean that they can or should not be allowed to teach or do what they love. He is a very sought-after instructor and his Raw Combat System and principles are sound and highly practical.

      The CombativeCorner will allow both favorable and unfavorable comments (to a fault). We suggest NOT getting caught up in gossip and hearsay, but rather, concentrate and cultivate yourself. Take what each and every giving instructor has to give from these interviews, forums, Youtube, etc and better yourself.

    • we know who is real and who is not.

  6. Thank you for posting the comment but could I ask that you re-instate the link to the actual investigation thread, as that information pertains directly to Mr Holloway? Please be clear we want to have the discrepancies cleared up as much as anyone, either way.

    As much as I think that people should be free to pursue whatever that is that they love, when it comes to activities that can potential put you or others at risk, or give a false sense of confidence then I believe verifiable controls should be in place.

    Hence the licensing and qualifications required for many professions, from Doctor to Primary School Teacher.

    I welcome Combative Corner to comment on the threads, as your personal experience could be of value.



    • Link re-instated. We would like to reiterate that the Combative Corner fully backs and endorses Mr. Holloway and in no way feels that his system “puts people at risk.” He is a trained professional and anyone learning from him directly (or via his videos) must take special care to evaluate ANY application’s merit. What may work for one person, might not for another. We are all (at the CombativeCorner) in agreement that SITUATION dictates the response. PEOPLE are responsible for their “risky or non-risky” actions. This point must be stressed!

      • gunslingermoore Says:

        Combat corner if you stand behind luke then you ether don’t bother doing your homework or your just as fake as luke is.

        • Why would we not stand behind him? He is a very genuine, knowledgeable and skilled individual. And also, what would make Luke (or ourselves for that matter) “fake?” On a separate note, thanks for visiting our site and Happy New Year to our first commenter of 2012!

          • gunslingermoore Says:

            Knowleagable about what exactly? What every door man who goes to MA seminairs is suddenly a security and combat expert ? Experance as night club security is pritty unremarkable. The dude wasn’t even good enough to work at a high level in his choosen profession . His school in Japan failed within a few months of opening. Most people turn to teaching after a long carrier of service in their choosen field. Luke on the other hand skiped all that tough bullshit, created a youtube account, and started demoing moves he learned from other people without even giving them credit. So seriously tell me what makes this guy an expert … Does have he an advanced degree in security or Criminal Justice ? Has he even gone to college? If so where did he go? Has he served in the military or law enforcement.

            • Stan Hilton Says:

              any professional who watches his “tactical shooting” videos knows he has zero business teaching such things. he clearly has no training of any value in the realm of firearms nor offensive/defensive shooting.

              his skills with a firearm and explanation of basics is all the proof i need, he is not trained, he is not proficient and is not credible. the fact he outweighs the vast majority of people he demos on (who are not allowed to resist due to his health issues) does not mean his hand to hand skills have any more merit than his rudimentary gun skills.

              anyone can look like a bad ass with complaint, lite-weight Asians letting themselves be tossed around.

              i do recognize the fact he has been able to travel and make himself a youtube guru without ever throwing a real punch or carrying a firearm professionally in any capacity. it does take work and determination to make money, even as a snake oil salesman, so for that, i congratulate him.

              keep it up Luke, you are not forcing anyone to buy what you are selling. you also have managed not to piss anyone off (or avoid those you have) to the point they beat you down. that in itself is proof of your talent.

  7. Having trained with Luke on several occasions and having seen his physical credentials in person, not to mention being humbled by his vast knowledge and experience – I fully endorse him and stand behind him 100% without question. Any doubts would be allayed if you were to meet him and spend a day with him.

    He is the real deal.

    • gunslingermoore Says:

      VAST skill and experience …. T.J dude that you say these things makes me think your one of two things ether A. A nice guy who’s just trying to hype his buddy or B. Easily impressed.

  8. I went to college for 5 years studying criminal justice and didn’t learn squat for self defense. Why would a college degree make anyone an expert? I’d rather someone be experienced on the street than have a piece of paper. Coach David (1lessonselfdefense.com)

  9. So, if Luke is a just a wannabe, inexperienced, unqualified jackass, then please explain to everyone why he’s the one traveling the world and sharing his experience, method, and techniques.
    If any one of you think that you’re more knowledgeable, or know any better than Luke does, then why aren’t you traveling all of the world training with military and law enforcement officials?

    • That’s commonly called a red herring. If anyone feels they have something to add, please visit the links i posted above, review the information and post. Any verifiable contributions are welcome.

  10. I would like to reiterate Bulls point. Although it isn’t a crime to pursue fields of interest and teach people things you feel you are qualified to teach – it’s quite different when a person makes claims in regards to experience and skillsets as a means of verifying whatever it is the person is teaching(especially if it’s for money, and in relation to high-risk activities), and those claims turn out to be false, or dubious.

    For instance, if we imagine that we had an individual that claimed to know a superior way of hand-cuffing resisting violent criminals, it is natural to ask or demand what the basis of that knowledge is.
    Did the individual work as a cop, or in the army? Does he have experience hand-cuffing resisting violent criminals?

    Luke Holloway claims to teach tactical self-protection, so what is it about his person that makes him qualified to do so?
    If his claims do not check out(as seems to be the case, if you bother to do your research), then why should anyone trust him to give them sound instructions on matter of tactical self-protection?

    Given the seriousness of engaging in high-risk activites relating to violence, it can hardly be said that it is unreasonable or petty to have a healthy amount of skepcticism of anyone passing off as an authority and telling people what to do in such situations – Especially when it isn’t clear whether they know what they are talking about.
    After all, if what you’re being tought turns out to be hogwash, then those teaching might very well get you seriously harmed or killed.

    I suggest people bear that in mind when they engage in selecting instructors on fields directly related to high-risk activity.
    Saying things like “Well it seems fine to me” etc, are rarely good counter-arguments, as most people who’re looking for instruction on security related fields, don’t know anything about “tactical self-protection” to begin with, and hence aren’t educated to make that assertion.
    That is why, in cases like these, we rely on demonstrable proof of experience, and proper training, so wo do not have to go guessing until a situation arises where we are forced to rely on those skills that may or may not work.

    If Luke Holloway cannot demonstrate how and why it is that he is an authority on the field, and how and why what he teaches should be regarded as up-to-standard, he should not be out there doing what he is doing, and nor should you be backing him. By doing so, you’re potentially sending people to waste time learning skillsets that may actually do more harm to them than good. I wouldn’t want that on my conscience, and neither should you.

    Asking that people should take Luke Holloway(and others like him) on faith alone, advocating him prior to having done proper background checks, is extremely worrying to me.

    Cheers, from a fellow martial artist, and former security officer.

  11. ebenu john joseph Says:

    stop guessing things. ask how those he has trained find it with riminals out there in the field. if it works, the better if it doesn’t work but just increasing more risk for his products, then you have reason to raise a siren. what is important is the applicability of what he teaches (not his credentials) since as it turns out to be,its more to do with talent.not just papers.

  12. So, I somehow stumbled upon Luke’s videos on youtube. I thought it was a joke at first, then watched some more and checked out his sites and realized, this guy was being serious. Having a military background myself, I cant help but laugh as I watch this guys videos. It seems as if he has attended a few weekend courses taught by actual professionals, put his own twist on it, and is teaching it to people who are dazzled by his slap boxing skills.

    Seriously, has anyone checked out his Taiji video? Do people really believe in that stuff? It such an obvious fake.

    Anyway, watching his videos while he is giving a class he just offers a bunch possibilities and kinda rambles a lot; but no real life techniques that can be applied in a high stress environment. Just a bunch of moves while his students look at him totally dazed and confused.

    Anytime it comes to details about himself, well he doesn’t want to give out information for his own protection.

    How can you possibly teach tactical skills with no experience in a tactical environment? This guy is obviously a fake and a con man.

    • Instructor… yeah, right. KissMyAss! What a fraud! The boy lives in his fantasy world for sure.
      I’m surprise that this blog’ autors have actually post this self-promotional-nonsense-interview. How much has the boy paid you?

  13. I’m just wondering how tall is Luke and how much does be weigh?

  14. Luke has never made instructor status in anything that he has trained. He has been proven to steal form others’ DVDs and teach the stuff. He has never fought in the professional sense–he has no long pedigree either.

  15. Luke is a fake and anyone who has any MIL/LEO experience, or basic common sence for that matter knows it.

    Combative corner should be shamed for giving this guy any exposure. Combative corner states this guy to be trained, what is his pedigree? I have seen absolutely nothing about Luke that is genuine or legit!

    I am seriously having reservations about anyone combative corner and anyone they support.

    • Obviously everyone has their opinion. I am actually going to write an article on “what constitutes ‘a fake'” in the world of martial arts. Now… the question at hand is really simply (1) You assume (because you don’t know 100%) that he is NOT trained (2) If trained, his techniques and methods are flawed (3) And because he has something worthwhile to say and is featured on the CombativeCorner… you don’t want to have anything to do with people we feature.

      Well here’s the way we look at it: (1) He’s a giving teacher (2) He has some unique thoughts about personal protection (3) fellow CC contributor T.J.Kennedy (Hybrid Fighting Method) met with, hosted and greatly enjoyed what Luke had to offer.

      What people have to write about and at great lengths boggles the mind. Luke has tons of experience and has put thousands of hours into his practice. You can tell from his videos. OR,… if you still dislike Luke and dislike his style, you can choose to remain where you are.

      (As the CombativeCorner Founder, Michael Joyce) I will continue to interview and write on people or subjects that inspire, offer a different direction, or is someone that we (or I) feel will benefit our readers. In Luke’s case, it might be awful tasting medicine for you, but who knows… it might be the medicine that makes you well.

      We hope that you continue to read David, and share.

      • raw combat sucks Says:

        This is a joke right ? So if people come on here and support luke then their right and true martial practitioners. If their critical of him then they must be hate filled keyboard warriors. Whatever dude.

        • I think if you support others instead of trying to bring others down and discredit them, then yes (in my PERSONAL opinion) you are a better person (AND for that matter, martial artist).

          However, no one has been able to show and convince me that what Luke is doing is wrong. Site something specifically. As ALDO said above – “He has never reached instructor status”… “He has been proven to steal from others dvds”… yadda yadda.

          How on Earth does Aldo know this? And what person in martial arts does NOT take from someone else? No one has copyright on a technique (to my knowledge) and just because Luke does not confront all his haters, doesn’t mean he’s guilty. I wouldn’t waste my time on that either.

          • its simple. Can he list his qualifications? Even in selecting a painter i ask to see his previous work and qualifications which he should be able to produce. Also if they were in existence, wouldn’t he be flashing them around?

  16. […] you can easily find them) and look up names that have been under fire like Greg Park/ChosunNinja or Luke Holloway/Raw Combat, you’ll undoubtedly uncover a string of hatred, bashing and lies.  For some […]

  17. i just watched his video teaching a girl how to do a knockout punch. It was more laughable that he attempted to explain the mechanics. Luke is such a fake even at the most basic levels of what he teaches. It should not be allowed to put people in danger as he is doing.

  18. andrew roberts Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how people love to bag others for whatever reason ,i am ex military having served in a specialised unit and having seen active service, i have a bit of real life experience too. Some of my friends have trained with Luke and have spoken very highly of his skills.I also train in martial arts and from what i have seen i am impressed,his flow and knowledge is very good.I am soon going to be doing some training with him and look forward to it .

    • What military and what specialized unit?

      • I served with Team 4[As A Navy Clearance Diver, mainly in Tac Ops]and also time with the Army .And as i said before i have recently got back from the UK, and having trained with Luke i found him to have a great range of skills and knowledge and a bloody good sense of humour. He also never claimed to be anything he is not.I hope that helps you Anton.

        • What exactly were you impressed with because I think your full of shit.

          • Mr. Smith Says:

            I am FAR from being a fan of Holloways. In fact, I left his organisation where my position was Head Tactical Trainer due to personal and professional issues I have with him. I couldn’t give a shit what you say about him as I will more than likely agree. However, I will stand up and defend the actions of Andrew Roberts. Not that it’s anyone’s business, but Andrew is not “full of shit” as some fucktard claims. I know his background as it is the same as mine. Not only was he a REAL Tac Operator, he is also one of the best practitioners of FMA I have ever met, and one of the humblest gentlemen I’ve ever met as well.

  19. Very intelligent comment to say the least really says alot.Whatever your opinion maybe he is still travelling and promoting .And by the way have you got your own TV series?This is my last comment keep up the good work Combat Corner ,everyone one is entitled to there opinion i just wish somepeople had something worwhile to say and dont hide behind keyboards .

  20. I would just like to say ive known Luke since I was ten years old and ive seen how much time and dedication he puts into his art , and on a personal note hes conducted him self with honor and respect for his fellow man maybe all hates should spend less time on the internet watching videos and actual meet the man and find out for yourself what hes about

    • Hi, if you have known him for some time, could you confirm to those who doubt him in any way what martial arts he has trained in or who has trained him. Because I think all this ‘fake’ talk is getting off topic, at very least he has obviously had training, he presents well, and seems to apply very well.
      What people want confirming is what is his current training methods and techniques based on. I personally don’t mind if he has had legitimate training and devised his own system, every martial art is subject to some change no matter how rigid, who blames Bruce Lee for creating JKD, all we want to know is who is Luke’s ‘Ip Man’ and what is his ‘wing chun’

  21. Harry Mourlos Says:

    He has attended a few seminars and made up stuff.

  22. rockwood Says:

    all that matters is you learn skills to save your life when the time comes cant everyone just get along and stop hatin on each other

    • Yeah, but learning the wrong skills can get you killed.

      • Learning the right ones can to. None of the different arts gives a100% guarentee. But, it does increase the
        odds of coming out of it unscathed . But u. all write as if u r jealous of his career(correct spelling). So okay he had this great idea -utube- so don’t watch that’s all you gotta do.


  24. Stand up or Shut-up Luke. Says:

    I’ve actually met this guy recently and witnessed him attempt to teach his strange interpretation of silat ground fighting. I’m calling it as I see it I believe this man is a fraud, who has made a profession out of misrepresenting himself. I’m publicly saying I will fight him in an open fight with no rules any place, anytime. He would not last one round with even a moderately expereienced MMA fighter.

    • I’ve got to say, interesting that we’ve gone almost 5 years and now we can honestly say that we’ve had our “first challenge.”

      We can’t speak for Luke, but he may be up for it. I mean, who in their right mind would turn down a fight with no rules attached to it?

      • Stand up or Shut-up Luke Says:

        Someone who knows they will get hurt 😉

        • Your talking about having a match fight hahaah.I don’t think thats what luke is all about but you could go to one of his seminars and try fight him.Good luck with that.And all the ex army guys hahaha most cant fight there way out of a paper bag there good with wepons systems at a distance thats it.Some one on here said being a bouncer does not mean shit??? errrrr most bouncers have more experiance with violence than anyone just that qualifies some to teach.You have your martial arts which is great,a lot of lukes stuff on you tube is just that art luke will tell you that.Then there the other side to it the no bullshit self defence that he teaches.People always try to tear others down for getting ahead in life and doing what they love.

    • Luke is a fraud Says:

      Lol Luke would never fight you. He’s just a con man with an huge ego. Without YouTube this guy would never have enjoyed the modicum of success that he currently has. There are plenty of dumb people out there, who just want to build fantasies about violence and Luke caters to that particular audience.

  25. You should be a part of a contest for one of
    the greatest sites on the net. I’m going to highly recommend this web site!

  26. Luke Hollaway is a criminal fraudster Says:

    Luke and Raw Combat are cesspools in the world of martial arts, where fraud and delusions of grandeur are employed through social media. He will be caught red handed and taken down sooner or later, like all the other fake badasses out there. Thanks Combative Corner for showing where your true loyalty lies. You fully support him, which you mentioned several times in the comments section.

  27. Bullshido dot com has had a long running investigation into Luke Holloway’s supposed credentials and martial arts history.
    Their conclusion, like many others, is that Luke is falsely representing himself as a tactical expert and as an accredited trainer of self-defence.
    Was Holloway ever in a police force anywhere? No.
    Has he ever served in the military? No.
    Has he even worked as a PMC with a verifiable company? No.
    So where is he getting his tactical expertise from?

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