10 Questions with Enson Inoue

The Combative Corner is privileged to welcome to our 10 Question list, the previously-retired, professional MMA fighter, Enson “Yamato Damashii” Inoue.  His most recent fight came this year (4/25/2010) against Antz Nansen and ended with an armbar submission at 2 min. 10 seconds of Round 1.  His professional record (as of 9/24/10) is 12 wins, 8 losses and 0 draws (9 wins from submissions).  He also played a role (Taketa Morisaki) in the 2008 David Mamet film, RedBelt starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Emily Mortimer.  He currently divides his time between Tokyo, Japan and Honolulu, Hawaii and is the founder of both Purebred and Yamatodamashii Ichizoku.

(photos courtesy of Hody Jae Hue, freelance photographer –his website-)

(1) You come from an athletic family, and I heard in various interviews that you weren’t always a fighter. What was the reason for choosing this path?
It’s what I did best.

(2) What does Yamato Damashi mean? And how did you get (or come up with) that nickname?
It stands for the Samurai spirit. The Japanese media gave me this name.

(3) In your competitive fighting career, what was your “sweetest” most challenging fight?
Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock

(4) (If different from above) What victory were you most happy with?
Randy of course.

(5) What are the biggest problems that you confront when you are preparing to fight/compete?
Catching a cold and staying away from chocolate!

(6) How does (Spirituality/Meditiation) play a role in what you do?

(7) Who are your top 3 professional fighters that you watch today?
Vanderlei, GSP, George Sotoropolis

(8) What goes through your mind before a fight begins?
Hurting my opponent before he hurts me.

(9) What does Enson Inoue like to do outside of his professional endeavors (apart from training, competing, etc)?
What every Tom, Dick, and Harry does. No different!

(10) What is Enson going to be doing a decade from now?
Enjoying an honorable death!

For More About Enson Inoue, you can check out his fight info at Sherdog.Com or at Inoue’s Purebred Homepage [Here]


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