The Warrior’s Diet

As a teacher… as someone who truly cares about not only what he puts into his body, but what his students put into their’s… I’ve decided to write a short post on nutrition.  A post on diet and nutritious foods is seldom a popular one, unless it has something to do with something tastily unhealthy.  But you know what actually prompted this article?  Well, the Dixie Classic Fair is in town, as it is every October around this time.  Can you guess what the hot, new item on the menu was?  It’s the Krisby Kreme Doughnut Cheeseburger!  (easily 1,000 calories each)

Listen people! America is home to the most obese people in the world.  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 33% of Americans are obese (a 60% increase within the past twenty years).  Do we blame the fast food industry?  Do we blame our jobs for its demands and having us “eat on the go?”

Point the finger at yourself!  I did.

To the left are pictures of items from my last visit from the grocery store.  After going “semi-vegetarian” (4 months ago) I have regained a fondness for things living… and welcome the challenge of making new and interesting dishes while keeping a few things in mind – limit these : saturated fats, refined sugars, high sodium.

My personal method is that I allow myself 3 indulgences; usually these: 12 pack of Soda, Mozzarella cheese, & yogurt.

As individuals looking to get the most from our bodies – As teachers looking to give a good impression, I hope you give a second thought to improving your own grocery list.  Remember, it’s WE as the consumers that are setting the pace.  If our money says that we want healthier choices – that’s exactly what these large companies are going to start producing.  Find out for yourself just how much you can stretch the ol’ dollar when it comes to shopping.  I was able to get all you see pictured for just over $15.00.  These items will provide numerous meals & snacks for the upcoming week.  Last month, I only spent $95.00 total for the month.

Next month, I’ll give you guys a glimpse & recipe of my own tasty, yet healthy, creation.

Anyone out there with any advice on saving money, and eating right?  Drop us a comment!

Michael Joyce


5 Responses to “The Warrior’s Diet”

  1. (by: Jeannie C- via Facebook)
    Michael – how is yogurt an indulgence? Or are you avoiding dairy as well? How much of what you are doing there revolves around that bread? If you couldn’t eat that – what would you do?

    • (by: Michael J- via Facebook)
      surprisingly yogurt is not as healthy as one thinks. virtually every yogurt brand on the market contains both suger AND high fructose corn syrup. obviously there are worse things for you, and this can actually be a highly nutritious substitute. But in my new quest for healthier eating – food should be looked at based on their “nature content.” The bread (most bread) i feel is essential to modern living and I give it a pass (except for white bread). The pictured bread is an organic 7-grain bread… and is quite yummy. And to answer your question… if I didn’t have bread, I DO NOT know what I’d do. 🙂

  2. (by: Jeannie C- via Facebook)
    Oh, I assumed when you said yogurt, you meant real yogurt. Not that sugary crap. I can not eat bread – gluten intolerance which causes inflammation and more pain than I can tolerate. This is why I asked about the bread. GF breads are awful.

    I read something a while ago that said instead of people keeping food journals they should keep ingredient journals. The idea, of course, being that the more whole foods one eats, the better.

  3. (by: Johnny K- via Facebook)
    wow, you only spend $95 a month on groceries? I blow through $100+ just at the farmers’ market. Maybe I just eat too much…

  4. Don’t limit saturated fat too much. It’s essential for proper hormonal production and recuperation from exercise. That bread does much worse things to your body than saturated fat will.

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